Rodney Howard-Browne Biography- Charismatic Preacher and Evangelist

Rodney Howard-Browne is a well known and respected man of God, who has gone to different extend preaching the gospel of God. His full office in ministry is the Evangelistic ministry as he serves as a Charismatic leader.

The River at Tampa Bay has grown higher and higher via the leader of Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife founded. The church was founded by his beautiful wife in 1996, and heads Revival Ministries International.

Since the mid-1990s, he has resided in Tampa, Florida, where he was born in South Africa. His revival gatherings are renowned for the “holy laughter” that congregants emit.

Ministerial Journey

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Rodney Howard-Browne spent his childhood developing in the Eastern Cape and Transkei. Although she was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and reared in Johannesburg, Adonica is his spouse. Adonica surrendered her heart to the Lord at the age of seventeen, while Rodney did so at the age of five.

After their 1981 wedding and subsequent meeting, they entered the itinerant ministry full-time. They preached the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe and Namibia, for the next six years. They established a church in the Northeastern Cape in 1983 and served as pastors there for the next two years. Rodney remained a teacher at a preeminent Bible school for an additional two years.

They had three children during this period: Kirsten, who was born in 1982, Kelly May, who was born in 1984, and Kenneth, who was born in 1987. Rodney and Adonica were both called to travel the globe to proclaim the gospel, with a particularly strong calling toward the United States of America, prior to their matrimonial union. The avenue was opened for them to travel to the United States in 1987. Rodney preached in several churches during his two visits to the United States that year. In December 1987, his family embarked on a journey to America in order to carry out God’s will, plan, and purpose, and to enter a new phase of ministry into which they had been called. Their airfare was provided for by a divine entity, and they arrived in America carrying a mere $300, four suitcases, and their three children, who were five, three, and seven months old at the time, respectively.

Rodney and Adonica travelled to America accompanied by a divine mandate and an ardent desire to see lives transformed and souls saved. The Lord instructed them to, “Stir up the churches and tell them to get ready for the coming revival.” To achieve a substantial harvest of souls, it is necessary to invigorate the Church and kindle within them a desire to see souls delivered and to reconcile the lost into the kingdom and family of God.

Additionally, the Lord assured them that He would employ them similarly to how He employed Joseph in Egypt. He conveyed to them that ultimately, their presence in America would render them a more benevolent contribution to their country of origin than had they chosen to remain in South Africa. Subsequently, they have convened several remarkable conferences in diverse South African locations, some of which spanned up to four weeks and drew tens of thousands of attendees. Over 22,000 individuals attended their South African camp meeting during the first week of revival in Johannesburg. However, they believe that through the Good News crusades in South Africa, this word from God has been genuinely fulfilled!

They embarked on a fifteen-month journey across the United States beginning in January 1988, constantly imploring that God would bestow His spirit upon His people and grant them an unforgettable supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. April 1989 marked the sixteenth month, and during a Tuesday morning service at a church in upstate New York, the majesty of God was poured out, sparking an ongoing revival. Since that week, when the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power profoundly moved and transformed hundreds of people, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have been affected by God’s life-altering power.

Individuals who behold the presence of God are delivered, restored, and saved. When individuals consent to the influence of the Holy Spirit, their emotional well-being is healed, relationships are mended, and they experience an abundance of love, joy, and serenity. These things are the exclusive domain of the Holy Spirit and cannot be accomplished by any man. However, for Him to manifest Himself among us, we must first extend a warm greeting to Him.

Rodney and Adonica are convinced that they have been called by God to demonstrate to the body of Christ, by way of example, how to establish an environment in the church that is conducive to welcoming the presence of God and allowing Him to affect His children as He sees fit, through the worship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus declared that He would draw all men unto Himself if He were to be raised up. It is our responsibility to exalt Him and not be disgraceful of the Holy Spirit or the Word of God. Rodney and Adonica instruct individuals on how to experience personal revival, and they have witnessed the transformative power of God impact and alter the hearts of individuals on six continents for all eternity. Whether they are diverse in language, customs, or culture, all individuals ultimately react in the same manner to the Holy Spirit.

In North America, South and Central America, Africa (including South Africa), the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Israel, Rodney and Adonica have experienced colossal revivals that have lasted between one and four weeks. They conducted thirteen weeks of revival in Lakeland, Florida, over the course of one year. Given that their mission is to stir up churches and pastors, jolt them from complacency, inspire them to press in deeper with the Holy Spirit, and then release them to carry out what God has called them to in their city, Rodney and Adonica believed that God did not want them to conduct revivals in churches for more than four consecutive weeks.

Rodney and Adonica, along with their ministry team, conduct weekly meetings in cities throughout North America and the globe for approximately 46 weeks of the year under the auspices of Revival Ministries International. They also serve as pastors of The River at Tampa Bay, a congregation they established in Tampa, Florida on December 1, 1996, and which presently boasts a membership of 3000.

The Lord granted them a magnificent two-year-old structure on the main highway in the summer of 2001; its current value is two times what they paid for it. They established the River Bible Institute in 1997 with the intention of instructing students in the Word and the Spirit while instilling in them a revivalist and evangelistic spirit. Additionally, they established River School of Government and River School of Worship. Furthermore, they introduced an internet-based iteration of the Bible School, enabling participation from pupils worldwide who had access to the internet.

Rodney and Adonica have never strayed from their primary concern and the mission of their ministry, which is the salvation of souls. Rodney had a premonition in 1998 regarding a massive soul-winning crusade in New York City; therefore, they rented Madison Square Garden for six weeks of focused soul-winning in the summer of 1999 under the banner of Good News New York.

For eight weeks, ordinary people from every continent who had been affected by the revival served as street evangelists in New York, New York. They went about their daily lives proclaiming that Jesus was the way to God’s great plan for their lives. In aggregate, 48,459 individuals exhibited faith in Jesus by committing their lives to Him (recorded decisions). It was Good News Shreveport/Bossier in the state of Louisiana during the summer of 2000—eight weeks of door-to-door street evangelism and six weeks in the Hirsch Coliseum. This time, 59,247 souls were preserved.

It was Soweto, South Africa’s turn in November 2004; at Good News Soweto, 177,600 decisions for Christ were recorded in just ten evenings. Good News Umlazi, their second mass crusade, was conducted in May 2005 in the vicinity of Durban, South Africa. A total of 539,000 individuals attended over the course of ten evenings, and more than 286,750 souls were saved in the stadium and via radio. They reconvened in South Africa in October 2005 to conduct their third mass crusade. In Mamelodi, close to the capital Pretoria, 113,000 pious individuals surrendered their lives to the Lord in the span of five nights. On June 7-11, 2006, they conducted another mass crusade, Good News Mdantsane, at the Sisa Dukashe Stadium NU 2, where 70,489 pious individuals came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

They conducted an altar call for salvation, delivered a soul-winning message each evening, ministered on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and prayed with the congregation for them to be filled with the Spirit and to speak in other languages. The congregation then prayed for those in need of healing as members placed their palms on the affected area. Every night, numerous miraculous healings occurred.

Kelly Fibrosis, the second daughter of Rodney and Adonica, was born with an incurable lung condition. This malevolent ailment progressively eroded her pulmonary system, culminating in her demise early on Christmas morning 2002, at the age of eighteen, fourteen months after beginning oxygen therapy. Her final breath was exhaled. They had clung to her for as long as they could—at eleven months and three years old, she came perilously close to death—and God had been merciful throughout this ordeal, but they could now feel her eluding their grasp.

They had always been inspired by Kelly’s life; when the devil assaulted her body, they did not retreat; rather, they retaliated! They exhibited greater zeal, exerted more effort, contributed more, tested their faith to witness more of God’s power in action, preached more, prayed more, and had more and greater faith miracles performed in their name. Kelly was the source of their conflict!

While holding her in their arms as she lay dying, they did the only thing that could have occurred to prevent the devil from suffocating her life: they presented their precious daughter to the Lord as an offering on the day the world celebrated His own birthday. This was the greatest gift that they could have ever bestowed upon her. After entrusting her to the care of their Lord and Savior, they swore an oath.

They initially swore vengeance against the demon for the harm he had inflicted upon their family. Secondly, they swore to invest $1 billion in world missions and the harvest of souls, and to do all in their power to bring one hundred million souls to Jesus, with the assistance of the Lord.

With “Good News” campaigns, R.M.I. Revivals, and the Great Awakening Tours (G.A.T.), Drs. Rodney and Adonica have undertaken soul-winning endeavors across the United States and internationally, driven by a desire to revitalize and mobilize the Christian community. Zealously tens of thousands of believers have been regenerated and mobilized to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while millions have come to faith. Through this ministry, more than 18 million individuals have thus far come to follow Jesus Christ on a global scale.

Howard-Browne released the following tweet shortly after the March 2019 mosque murders in Christchurch: “I believe it was a ‘false flag’ operation.” “Undoubtedly, the events that transpired in New Zealand, despite their abhorrent nature, serve as a false flag that, in the end, will be attributed to conservatives!” “Only an utter nutjob, lunatic, demonized freak would enter a building and murder people; that is inexcusable in every way!”

As part of a 300-city tour, Howard-Browne delivered a sermon in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut in August 2019. In an Iqaluit church, he preached for over an hour to an audience of over a hundred individuals, the majority of whom were Inuit. A video allegedly featuring Howard-Browne stating, “God loves a generous giver,” was shown at the event to solicit donations.

However, this video was criticized by Nunatsiaq News due to the fact that poverty is pervasive in the city and nearly half of Nunavut’s population is dependent on social assistance in the midst of protracted food security and housing crises. Additionally, he “lashed out” at and “harangued” audience members who attempted to depart prior to the conclusion of the sermon, according to the news source. David Parsons, the Anglican bishop for the Arctic, commented after the event and labeled Howard-Browne an extremist.

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