The veteran CBC journalist and radio broadcaster Elizabeth Gray has died of Cancer

The journalism community mourns Elizabeth Grey. The longtime CBC journalist and radio presenter died at 86, leaving a legacy of journalism excellence over decades and continents.

Who was Elizabeth Grey?

CBC Radio host and documentary producer Elizabeth Grey was famous. Gray’s unique style and unrelenting passion to journalism earned her a successful career that carried her around the world.

Canada-born Gray’s enthusiasm for journalism took her to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, London, and Moscow, where she reported on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Elizabeth Grey Career

Grey had a remarkable journalism career. Before moving to Ottawa and Montreal, she started in busy Toronto. She worked in London and Moscow, where she resumed her journalism career.

Grey covered politics, society, and more with a great eye for detail and truthfulness. She was beloved in Canadian media for her audience engagement and captivating stories.

Cause of Death

Elizabeth Grey died Wednesday, October 25, 2023. CBC, where she spent much of her career, confirmed her death. Lung cancer killed 86-year-old Elizabeth Grey. Her illness was fought with the same tenacity as her journalism career.

Today, Elizabeth Grey is remembered as a pioneering journalist. Her distinguished work over decades and regions inspires young journalists worldwide.

Elizabeth Gray’s death ends a Canadian journalism era, but her impact will live on. Her contributions to journalism are immense, and her stories will echo for centuries.

She was indeed a beloved of many around her and she will be greatly missed by them. May her soul rest in peace.

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