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To Have A Beginning Start With God

To have a begining start with God, and see things falling in places for you
Gen1:1 it all started through God, the owner of it all.

The first thing God did was to carry out His heart desires, He didn’t sleep on it… God Manifested Mightily On Earth.

The blessed part is many living and non living things were attached to God’s first step of creation “Let there be Light”

Don’t sleep on your dreams and purpose, start with God, a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. In your starting you’ll discover that many lives were attached to you, but they won’t manifest if you don’t… Start with God.

Don’t ask how it will happen, call them forth… The earth was empty and void, God didn’t look at that present situation but He saw what could be made out of that situation… He started by calling things forth… and saw that they were beautiful…

My Father once taught me that, God is a Spirit that has a Spirit. That is, the Spirit of God is equal to God, that’s why we call Them trinity,

The promise of the Father was not just the Holy Spirit but “Himself Simplified”

In the old covenant, it was God direct and many were limited because of the weighty Glory, but now it is God simplified “The Holy Spirit”

His Spirit makes all things known to us, unveiling the mysteries to us, that’s why He is referred to the one that teacheth all things.

The absence of God in a man’s life is darkness and emptiness but when God chooses to manifest, He comes in form of Light…. In the beginning the earth was that way because of the absence of God.

The Spirit was the forerunner, then God spake, God will never do anything without His Spirit… That is, the Spirit of God provoke the move of God.

The spirit is what provokes God to action
To know God is to Fellowship With His Spirit.

To have a begining start with God

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