Avenger and Black Panther Actor Taraja Ramsees and Three Children Killed In Halloween Crash

The Halloween automobile tragedy that killed a “Avengers: Infinity War” stunt actor and two of his children now has four victims.

A third youngster, 10-year-old Kisasi Ramsess, “succumbed to his injuries” Saturday, the DeKalb County Police Department told The Times on Monday, citing the medical examiner

Family and local news sites say the youngster died after being on life support after the horrific Atlanta accident. “Black Panther” stunt actor and martial artist Taraja Ramsess, his 13-year-old daughter Sundari, and his newborn daughter Fujibo were pronounced dead at the crash site last week.

The incident occurred before midnight on an Interstate 20 exit ramp near Interstate 285. Ramsess, 41, drove a Ford F-150 pickup truck, according to DeKalb County Police. When exiting Wesley Chapel Road, he “collided with a tractor-trailer that had broken down in the left lane.”

The accident’s cause is under investigation, authorities said Monday.

She previously said that Kisasi was on life support and that two of her granddaughters, one a 3-year-old in the vehicle who was hospitalised but recuperating from minor injuries, had survived. The other granddaughter’s age is unknown.

“All who knew and met him know how special Taraja was,” Akili posted Thursday. He loved deeply and his children most. His passions were martial arts, motorcycles, and filmmaking. He was droll and wicked, but also cheesy. Sunny, or Sundari, reflected that particular light. Loved dancing and funny. Ah, God! I can’t believe they left! We grieve and pray for my grandchildren’s recovery. Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers.

A GoFundMe campaign was started by family friends to cover Akili’s funeral costs and other “immediate needs.” They provided the “devastating update” on the third child’s death Saturday.

„Kisasi—or ‘Sauce the Boss’—made many happy. He was surrounded by adoring family throughout his hospital stay. Maintain your support for Akili and her family, the organiser stated.

As of Monday, the $150,000 campaign had raised over $84,000 and garnered over 1,000 donations.

Ramsess also appeared in “Avengers: Endgame,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Creed III,” and “Black Adam.” He conducted stunts for “BMF” and “Atlanta.”

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