Femi Lazarus Biography; Apostle and Founder of Sphere of Light Church

Apostle Femi Victor Lazarus is well known preacher of the gospel, whose message has motivate and still changing the mindset of people towards life and God. Apostle is known as the founder of Sphere of Light Church. He is known to be a huge blessing from God to the body of Christ.

Ministerial Journey

Apostle Femi Victor Lazarus always celebrate his birthday on November 15, whose birth year is not known to the general public yet. He is known as the founder of the Femi Lazarus Ministries Ecumenical, popularly called FLAME.

Apostle Femi Lazarus is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Sphere of Light Church headquartered in Ibadan, which has various branched in different locations in Nigeria. He is a Public Health Professional and the Convener of Campus on Fire Conference.

Personal Life

Apostle Femi is multilingual, who can communicate fluenetly in Yoruba, English and Hausa fluently with a bit of Igbo language. He is well celebrated.

Apostle Femi Lazarus is from Ogun State, Nigeria, whose full profession is a preacher of the gosple of Christ, a beloved messenger of God to our generation.

Apostle Femi Lazarus said that his story of being saved was very strange. “I came back from a party the night I gave my life to Christ,” he said. It was just a little talk between my dad and me. God only needed to ask me questions to bring me closer to himself.

The questions were helped by the spirit. God was after me, not the other way around!” He changed his mind after a “simple talk” with his dad, whom he loves very much and says is a very important person in his life. After he became a Christian, he preached and taught in a way that moved many people to become Christians. You will feel God’s presence as soon as you walk into one of his meetings.


Apostle Femi Lazarus also runs “School on the Street,” a social impact project that changes the lives of many people, young and old. This was made public when the Ooni of Ife Foundation presented him with an award at the Royal Awards and Leadership Summit Ceremony on January 18, 2020. After getting this award, He wrote, “The land I had to wait on God to send help to be able to buy pure water worth 5 naira, the same land where I have had to ‘prayer walk’ from campus to campus gate because there was no 20 naira to take bus, God brought honour from that same land” .

Pastor Bimbo Animashaun is his spiritual father because he is a man in charge. He is also known for honoring fathers, which can be seen in his speeches, lessons, and behavior. He has talked to Fathers of Faith in the past. Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere is one of them. He and two other pastors, Pastor Daniel Olawande and Pastor Lawrence Oyor, visited him a few days before the Latter Rain Conference at Obafemi Awolowo University, which was put on by the Sphere of Light Church.

He studies Church History and recently put to rest a rumor that most people had about Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola’s wife. Pastor Femi Lazarus defended her by saying, “She didn’t mistreat the God’s General as many believe; she locked the door against him to rest, which the General usually doesn’t have because of his busy schedule of programs and ministering.”

Apostle Femi Lazarus’ Sphere of Light Church has centers in Abuja, Ibadan, Ile-Ife, and Lagos. The Sphere of Light Church began in Ife, Osun State. After God told him to move to Ibadan, he did so on January 19, 2020, when he publicly opened a new branch of the church there. Along with its main churches, the Sphere of Light Church also runs the LA Church, a church for students on college campuses. It has two locations right now, one at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and the other at the University of Ibadan. The Sphere of Light Church keeps getting more members and people who follow them online. There are real-life examples of people being healed in the Church. One is a Muslim woman who stopped having seizures.

Apostle Femi Lazarus is also a public health professional. He also hosts a conference called Campus on Fire, which takes place in colleges and universities all over Nigeria. The Conference that was just held at The Polytechnic in Ibadan had strong displays of the Spirit. He also runs Femi Lazarus Mentorship School, a free mentoring program.

Apostle Femi Lazarus strongly supports fairness and accuracy in the media. During an online meeting with media influencers, he warned them, “The media should not make the mistake Adam did by exaggerating God’s instructions; God is depending on the media for accuracy and accurate representation.”

He teaches and strongly believes that a man must first defeat himself before his enemy in order to achieve his destiny, which is different from what most people know and believe. “Your destiny is not stronger than your decisions in life,” he also says.

Pastor Femi Lazarus is a teacher who is fair. Also, he has been training other preachers for years and has been doing this all the time. He has been told to build up God’s army for the end times, and based on what he is doing, especially among young Christians, that is pretty much what he is doing. On June 12, 2022, at the Festival of Life Anniversary of the Sphere of Light Church in Ibadan, he was also made an Apostle.

Every week, Pastor Femi Lazarus sets up a live Bible Teaching session on the Telegram app to teach the word. He runs the Prophetic Prayer Contact (PPC), a meeting for people of all faiths that takes place in the morning from 6AM to 7AM. A strong desire to get kids to school, especially those who lived in slums and had no chance of going to school led him to start the Slum Education Initiative.

Dr. Femi is married to Dr. Miracle Femi-Lazarus and graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She talks about godly living and virtues as the leader of Mimie Passions, a group of Christian writers. She is also a happy and caring microbiologist. They got married on December 12, 2020, and their first child, Mofifunoluwa Abigail Femi-Lazarus, was born on November 26, 2021. They both lead the Ibadan meeting, which is the main church of the Sphere of Light Church.

Pastor Femi Lazarus runs his own business as well. He works as a real estate agent at Light City Homes.


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