Taraja Ramsess Wife; Who Is The Wife of The Beloved Late Martial Artist

Stuntman, actress, and martial artist Taraja Ramsess worked on blockbusters like “Black Panther”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. Excellent abilities, dedication, and passion for his craft were his hallmarks. A devoted father of five, he lost his son, four daughters, and three daughters in a vehicle tragedy in Atlanta, Georgia on Halloween night 2023. His age was 41.

Who was Taraja Ramses’ wife? Who was she and how did she know the stuntman? How did she cope with losing her husband and kids? This essay will address these questions and reveal the stuntman’s woman.

Name and Background of Taraja Ramsess Wife

There is no evidence that Taraja married Lisa Ann Wilson, but sources say they were together. Lisa Ann Wilson photographed and filmed “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”, “The Hate U Give”, and “Queen & Slim”. She founded and directs the non-profit Black Women cinema Network, which promotes black women in cinema and television.

Spelman College English major Lisa Ann Wilson was born and reared in Atlanta, Georgia. She later studied photography and cinematography at the New York Film Academy and American Film Institute. Her work has earned her the NAACP Image Award, Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, and Gotham Independent Film Award.

Taraja Ramsess Wife

Marriage and Kids of Taraja Ramsess

Taraja and Lisa met in 2010 while working on Tyler Perry’s “For Coloured Girls”. They clicked and started dating. They supported each other’s careers and shared a love of movies, art, and culture. They were close with their children, who often watched them train or accompanied them on set.

Taraja and Lisa had four girls and a son. Sundari, Kisasi, Shazia, Fujibo, Zara. Sundari, the oldest daughter, liked music and dancing at 13. The lone son, Kisasi, 10, liked football and computer games. Shazia, the third daughter, was 3 and enjoyed to draw and paint. Fujibo, the youngest daughter, was the apple of her parents’ eyes at 8 weeks old. Zara, the second daughter, loved reading and writing at age 8.

Wife Taraja Ramsess: Tragic Accident and Following

Taraja and his family hit a tractor trailer that had broken down in the left lane of an interstate exit on October 31, 2023, while returning from a Halloween party. Taraja and his daughters Sundari, Fujibo, and Kisasi killed in the automobile from the impact. Lisa and her kids Shazia and Zara were hospitalised.

The film industry and community were devastated by the event, and many offered their sympathies to Taraja and his family. Taraja’s mother, photojournalist Akili Ramsess, executive director of the National Press Photographers Association, confirmed her son and grandchildren’s deaths on Instagram and thanked everyone for their support and prayers. She said Kisasi died a few days later after being on life support.

After the accident, Lisa lost her partner and children, which devastated her. Her heartbreaking Instagram post said she was “broken beyond repair” and will “never be the same”. She also thanked everyone for their love and kindness and requested privacy and respect during this tough time. She promised to live for her two injured kids, Shazia and Zara.

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