Dunsin Oyekan Biography- ‘The Eagle’ Gospel Music Minister and Convener of Code Red Worship Experience

One of the well known anointed minister of God in Spiritual songs is no other than Minister Dunsin Oyekan, who people fondly called The Eagle. Dunsin Oyekan is a lover of Go who expresses his love for Go through his songs, which are always written and received from the Throne of Grace.

Life Journey

Minister Dunsin Oyekan’s life journey began on a Monday, November 5, 1984, he was raised and birthed in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. He was born into a Pastor’s home, whose Father is Pastor Gbabedo Oyekan and was the only son of his father. His Father was known as one of the master mind of Pentecostal move in the nation and also the leader of “Spiritual Singers”, a music group in Ilorin that focused on experiencing God through worship, he was also the General Overseer of Evangelical Baptist Church.

Ministrerial Journey

Dunsin Oyekan is a multi-gifted man, who is not just an anointed Worshiper but also a Guitarist, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Father, Pastor. Over the year he has organised a worship experience where people gather together in their numbers and are blessed, He is the Convener of Code Red Worship Experience. Dunsin’s Father played a major influence on Minister Dunsin Oyekan’s choice of music, songwriting and playing of instruments.

Dunsin Oyekan began his guitar career at the age of ten. As a Gospel music enthusiast, Dunsin Oyekan’s father frequently accompanied him to concerts and other Christian-related gatherings. He enrolled in the church choir as well. His father prophesied that he could see the deceased being resurrected through him when he was a child. On Monday, March 30th, 2015, his father passed away; he described it as the most agonizing moment of his existence. As of the time this compilation was created, his mother remains alive.

Following his enrollment at the Airforce Nursery and Primary School in Ilorin, Dunsin Oyekan attended the esteemed Federal Government College (FGC) in the same city. His secondary education was concluded at the Baptist Model High School located in Ilorin. He ultimately earned a degree in industrial chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, from which he was admitted later on. He was completely commissioned into the worship ministry by God in 2014.

A former Music Director (MD) of the Avalanche of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) in Ilorin, Kwara State, was Dunsin Oyekan. Dr. Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Worldwide, is presently recognized by him as his spiritual father. Both of them have utilized shared platforms on multiple occasions.

He employs a variety of platforms to spread the message of the Gospel. He orchestrates numerous annual musical performances, including the Healing Room Worship Event, the Code Red Worship Concert/Experience, the Victory Tour, and the Outpouring. A noteworthy gathering every two years, the Code Red Worship Experience is a prophetic worship experience during which men are filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit in an act of worship.

Adedoyin, a classmate of Dunsin Oyekan’s at the University of Ilorin, wed him on February 2, 2013. Both spouses are endowed with two beautiful offspring. Adedoyin Oyekan, his wife, passed away regrettably on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Dunsin Oyekan has accepted this tremendous setback with faith and reliance on God for an improved future.

In these times, Minister Dunsin Oyekan is a music minister who is commissioned to proclaim the gospel through worship as God moves throughout the world. In particular, his ministry is tasked with instigating revival via adoration in accordance with the divine words of Psalms (22:27–28).

Dunsin is a devout Nigerian who employs his spiritual ability to serve God. Since the age of ten, when he started playing the instrument, his life’s work has been to bring others closer to Jesus through worship and music. Dunsin has authored over two decades of revelation songs, participated in choir performances, and served as a music director. An accomplished worshipper, he has authored and distributed three albums. An identifiable characteristic of Dunsin Oyekan’s musical compositions is that each track draws inspiration from the profound influence of the gospel and the splendor inherent in a personal union with God. His musical compositions possess an extraordinary ability to facilitate an intimate encounter with God within the context of worship.

Minister Dunsin Oyekan is devoted to manifesting the divine dimension through the use of audible senses that the Holy Spirit bestows upon him. His fervor is adoring Jesus and using music to draw others closer to Him. He has composed groundbreaking melodies, performed in choirs, and served as a music director for more than two decades. Three albums have been published by this full-time worshipper: “Code Red,” “Kingdom Now,” and “The Gospel of the Kingdom.”

His objective is to infuse the environment with the divine essence, serve as a witness for God, and incite a revival grounded in the might and sagacity of God. This is accomplished by means of singing, performing the guitar and keyboard, and instructing the word of God.

There are numerous compositions attributed to him. Released in 2016, his debut album was titled “Code Red” and comprised of fourteen compositions. Once more, in 2019, he issued an album titled “Kingdom Now” that comprised twenty compositions. To date, he has released more than thirty tracks, including the widely acclaimed “Na You,” which featured American gospel singer Kim Burrell and was performed at The Experience Concert.

Minister Dunsin has shared the platform with Tasha Cobbs, Kurt Carr, Don Moen, Byron Cage, Tye Tribbett, William Murphy, Kim Burrell, Sinach, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Frank Edwards, and Freke Umoh, among other notable musicians. He was recognized by Ynaija as one of the 100 Most Influential Individuals in Christian Ministry in Nigeria in 2020. Furthermore, Imole De received a nomination for the 2019 Africa Gospel Music and Media Awards (AGMMA) for Song of Excellence.

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