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Man Who Stole Sean Feucht’s Guitar Accepts Jesus, Gets Baptized; God Can Use Anything

Man Who Stole Sean Feucht’s Guitar Accepts Jesus, Gets Baptized ; God can use anything, even a guitar that was stolen, to bring people to Himself.

During the summer, “Let Us Worship” leader Sean Feucht posted on social media that someone had broken into his car and taken his prized 1967 Gallagher guitar. A few days later, one of Feucht’s friends found the guitar at a pawn shop and bought it back, even though it had supposedly been sold for drug money.

Not long after that, Feucht’s friend Dean met a guy named Zach who said he had stolen the guitar and asked for forgiveness.

“This is a story that only God could write!” Feucht said this in an Instagram post at the time. “He turns around what the enemy wanted to do wrong!”

Genesis 50:20 says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, so that many people would be kept alive, as they are today.” The worship leader from California was referring to this verse.

Feucht then asked people to pray for Zach and told them that he had invited the man who was accused of stealing to a “Let Us Worship” event in Spokane, Washington.

Zach shocked Feucht at the event by not only accepting Jesus but also getting baptised.

“The guy who stole my guitar just gave his life to Jesus,” wrote the praise leader. “Right now, he’s getting baptised!!”

“He came to my house and surprised me in front of 7,000 people!” he wrote. “God’s stories are the best!”

“What was once lost has now been found,” Feucht wrote in another post. “Tonight, Zach, the guy who stole my guitar, came to the event, gave his life to Jesus, and got baptised. I can’t believe how good God has been tonight!”

In a letter to Church Leaders, Feucht said he had forgiven Zach because he “wanted to be free from drug addiction” and “wanted to surrender, so they led him to Jesus.”

“I’m just over the moon,” thought the prayer leader. “I know that God always comes up with the best stories. He is not only the writer of our faith, but also the one who brings it to a close, and the way that story ended was just so amazing.”

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