Pator Samuel Adeyemi Biography- Founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre

One of the messenger of God that stands out in Ministry is Pastor Samuel Adeyemi, he iis not just a Gospel preacher but also a motivational speaker. His ministry has indeed blessed and changed lives. His growth in Ministry is also evident in his marital life, as he is happily married to his wife, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi, whom he has three children together with.

Life Journey

He is popularly called Pastor Sam Adeyemi, whose life journey began on the 3rd of February, 1967, where he was birthed in a village called Ndayako, close to Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria, where he spent the first 10years of his life. He hails from Odo-Ere, Yagba, Kogi State, Nigeria. Pst Sam is presently 56 years old

After graduating from secondary school, Pastor Sam Adeyemi proceeded to Kwara State Polytechnic to study Civil Engneering, where he got his Higher National Diploma (HND)  Years later. Pst Sam didn’t settle for that but furthered his education into the university of Exeter where he studied Leadership Studies in 2008 and graduated with MSc degree in 2011, with that certificate he further to get his PHD in Regent University, Virginia, USA where he successfully obtain a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership in 2017.

Professional Career

Sam Adeyemi serves as the president of Success Power International, an NGO whose specialty is the organization of seminars on motivation, finance, and leadership. Additionally, he serves as the president of the Daystar Leadership Academy, an organization that trains business proprietors and gospel ministers. Success Power is a well-liked radio and television program hosted by Pastor Sam that is broadcast outside of Nigeria.

He is the senior pastor and proprietor of Daystar Christian Centre, a rapidly expanding, life-altering church headquartered in Lagos State. Established on November 18, 1995, on the fourth floor of the Eko Chinese hotel on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, the center is situated in the vicinity of Daystar.

His vocation as a pastor at the Rhema Chapel commenced in the company of his junior sibling, Victor Adeyemi. Prior to his transfer to a branch in Lagos, Pastor Sam held the positions of Director of Pastoral Care and Minister in Charge at Rhema Chapel.

After settling in Lagos, Pastor Sam Adeyemi perceived a lack of progress in his ministry. Therefore, he and his wife decided to participate in a fasting and prayer program in April 1994. In July 1994, in response to his supplications, he received explicit guidance from God to advance to the next level of ministry—teaching biblical success principles. Through publications, seminars, radio, television, and recordings, he would communicate with his audience. Additionally, he would found a congregation dedicated to assisting individuals in the identification and actualization of their latent abilities. Sam Adeyemi simultaneously conceived of Daystar Christian Center and Success Power International.

Success Power International was established in 1995 by Sam Adeyemi in pursuit of his life goal of assisting individuals in attaining their life’s purpose and achieving success by furnishing them with the necessary motivation to navigate the challenges of existence. Additionally, Success Power seeks to boost and maintain the morale, capability, and fortitude of the human spirit in a social and economic climate that impedes and challenges the actualization of even the most brilliant potentials. Success Power is a book authored by Sam Adeyemi that provides individuals with the necessary information to identify, cultivate, unleash, and optimize their latent capabilities. Success Power engages with its audience via various mediums, including books, audio and video materials, seminars, and radio broadcasts.

Daystar Leadership Academy was established by Pastor Adeyemi in January 2002 as a non-profit institution dedicated to leadership and management development. Its overarching goal is to cultivate outstanding leaders and managers who possess the ability to effect global change. Basic Certificated Course in Leadership, Weekend Leadership Certificate Course (Basic and Advanced), Executive Leadership course (Basic and Advanced), and Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers are among the courses offered by the Academy. Since its inception, more than 20,000 students have matriculated from the academy.

Multiple books have been authored by Sam Adeyemi via his publishing agency. In 1995, Pneuma Publishing commenced operations as a registered information resource center. Presently, the corporation has expanded its operations to encompass a distribution network, information resources management, and publishing. They are prepared to revolutionize lives by disseminating information that adds value and by generating wealth for all of their stakeholders. Anthology: Ideas Rule the World, Lead: Proving Principles to Multiply Your Success at Any Level, The Parable of Dollars: Proven Strategies for Your Financial Success, Generation Z+, The Real Money, Wonders of Imagination, Think and Succeed, Success Is Who You Are, Start With What You Have, Success Guaranteed By The Blood Covenant, The Second Revolution, Sex Straight Talk, Nigeria of My Dream, The Super Achievers’ Breakfast, Among others, multiply your success with LEAD and We Are The Government.

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