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Dupe Olusola- Business Leade and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp Hotels plc

Dupe Olusola- Business Leade and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp Hotels plc

Dupe Olusola is a business leader from Nigeria. She is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp Hotels plc, a Nigerian hospitality company that is part of the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, a Nigerian conglomerate.

In March 2020, the board members of Transcorp Hotels chose her to lead the company, making her the second woman to do so. Before joining Transcorp Hotels Plc, Dupe was the Group Head of Marketing at United Bank for Africa (UBA), where he oversaw all of the bank’s marketing efforts in its 23 countries. She had been the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Teragro Commodities Limited, a farming business in Nigeria that was part of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (Transcorp Plc). In 2014, she was chosen for the job.

She was named one of the 10 most influential Nigerian CEOs by Ventures Africa in 2015, when she was CEO of Teragro.

Educational Background

Dupe went to Queen’s College in Lagos. In 1991, she got her GCE O-levels there. After getting her O-levels, she went to the University of Leicester in the UK, where she graduated in 1996. She then went to the University of Kent and got an MSc in Development Economics in 1997.


After getting her master’s degree, Dupe worked in different jobs for Bloomberg and Northern Trust in the UK before going back to Nigeria.

In Nigeria, she worked for SecTrust, which is now called Afrinvest, and then for Africa’s largest private equity firm, SME Manager/African Capital Alliance. In 2008, she joined the investor relations department of the UBA group, and in January 2010, she became the Director of Resources at Transcorp.


In 2014, she was named CEO and Managing Director of Teragro Commodities Limited, the Agribusiness part of Transcorp that is no longer in business.

As CEO of Teragro Commodities, she was in charge of buying two farms in Benue State totaling 10,000 hectares for growing citrus. She also led a relationship between Teragro and Coca-Cola to make Five Alive Pulpy Orange Juice, making Teragro the only local source for the juice.

United Bank of Africa

Dupe went back to United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc as the Group Head of Embassies, Multilaterals, and Development Organizations (EMDOs) and Global Investors Services (GIS). In 2018, she was named Group Head of Marketing for United Bank for Africa. In this job, she was in charge of making and implementing an integrated plan for all UBA Group Bank and non-bank subsidiaries, whether they were banks or not.

Transcorp Hotels Plc

She was named Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp Hotels Plc. in March 2020, taking over from Owen Omogiafo. She is in charge of the strategic operations of the Transcorp Hilton Abuja and Transcorp Hotels Calabar, which are the company’s most famous hotels. In July 2021, she released Aura by Transcorp Hotels, an online platform for booking lodging, food, and experiences.

Personal Life

Dupe is married to Lanre Olusola, a life guide, and they have two kids together.


Dupe Olusola is one of the “100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria” on the Leading Ladies Africa/YNaija list. This is because she is passionate about women’s rights and empowerment, the economic growth of less-developed countries, and financial inclusion. In 2015, Ventures Africa named her one of the 10 most influential Nigerian CEOs as CEO of Teragro. The Strategic Women in Leadership Award (SAWIL) named her one of the top four women in Africa in 2021. The International Hospitality Institute named her one of the 100 most powerful people in Africa hospitality in 2022. Dupe is also on the advisory board of the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF), which is Africa’s largest hospitality investment gathering and brings together business leaders from around the world and in Africa.


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