Prohet Sam Olu Alo Biography; Evangelist With Apostolic Uction, Founder of Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain IM

Prophet Sam Olu Alo is a well known celebrated man of God, who is lnown as an apostle that can function in some of the other 5 fold ministry. Sam Olu is a CAC breed and he is said to be a founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain International Ministry.
Prophet Sam Olu’s calling can traced to the days of Ayo Babalola, who is the soul founder of the Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Sam is the coordinator of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Babalola Memorial International camp at Ikeji Arakeji. He has also being used by God in planting of churches and spreading the gospel.
Prophet Sam Olu Alo is popularly known as Adamimogo. He is a fervent prayer warrior and preacher of the word of God with the apostolic power of setting the captives free, and also a songwriter, who has sang and written songs of deliverance.

Ministerial Journey

Prophet Sam commenced his ministerial career during his boyhood, although he was oblivious to the extent of God’s utilization of him. Although his father, a devout Catholic churchwarden, never forced him to attend church, by adulthood he had come to behold the feet of Christ. His formative years were spent in Ido-Ekiti, his birthplace in Ekiti state, Nigeria. However, at the age of early manhood, he resolved to never return to the town until he had achieved prominence in society.

Despite being a courageous choice, this decision failed to produce any positive results until the individual encountered Christ. There were multiple circumstances in which he could have returned to his hometown destitute, but he chose to forgo the opportunity. And to the honor of God, he returned with pomp and pageantry on May 24, 2021, to formally inaugurate the Sam Olu Alo foundation and commemorate extraordinary accomplishments. Numerous high school dropouts were admitted to prestigious universities by means of this foundation’s scholarship program. Thousands of widows had been assistance-provided with food, money, and trade tools, among other things.

Prophet Sam Olu Alo is a gentle-hearted individual, particularly toward those who are enduring some sort of adversity; this characteristic has historically prompted many of his contemporaries to ridicule him. Later, when irrefutable testimonies began to emerge from the lives of his challenged adherents and friends, this ridicule transformed into testimonies.

A considerable number of his prophecies have come to pass in his own and others’ lives. He recalled having a vision of a continent of Europe years ago, during which he was instructed to annotate the countries he wished to visit in the future for the purpose of evangelism. This vision is being realized as the ministry expands internationally and positively influences the lives of individuals.

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