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Signs of Revival As Hundreds Rush to Altar at Free Chapel Service to ‘Get Right With God’,

As hundreds of Gainesville, Georgia residents seek forgiveness, healing, and rededication to Jesus Christ at Free Chapel Church, evangelical leaders say a move of God is underway.

A two-night special revival service with special guest Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. is into its third night on Wednesday, and attendees claim the Holy Spirit is working.

“Such a powerful move of God yesterday at Free Chapel,” wrote Free Chapel Senior Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

Stone was invited to finish the church’s “Signs of the Times” series Sunday, which has included Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Jimmy Evans.

Stone was surprised by Sunday night’s altar call response.

“I was overwhelmed by the huge audience of men, women, and children that filled the spacious sanctuary to hear the Lord’s word. He reported that the front and all the aisles were full of individuals seeking forgiveness and freedom from offences and hurts during the altar call.

Stone said, “There’s been a real move of the Spirit that has broken out,” on Facebook live. “Honestly, it’s more about salvation and repentance and restoration.”

After receiving the answer, Franklin and other church leaders called a special revival service on Monday and Tuesday nights.

The Lord’s splendour began to move in the altar ceremony, he said. We decided to go Monday and Tuesday night.”

On Monday night, Stone reported, “More than 3,700 people showed up.”

He said the revival may go till next week.

We seek the Lord’s guidance because He works in seasons. Sometimes He shortens the season, sometimes He lengthens it “.

Franklin has dubbed the last several evenings “life-changing” and invites people to join in person or online.

“The past two nights have been life-changing and we give God all the glory for what He is doing,” he stated. We are humbled by families being healed and people discovering God. This is about Jesus. Please pray for America and the world’s revival.”

Stone began Monday’s night speech by referring to the escalating confrontation between Israel and Hamas as a sign of the End Times, or Jesus Christ’s second arrival.

He said the harvest is ready. There’s hunger. Something’s occurring. ‘I’m a backslider’ emails and calls are infrequent at our workplace. I’ve neglected God. I saw 9-11. I noticed Covid. The conflict was like God hitting me in the abdomen and saying, “Pay attention.” Nothing else moved me.”

Stone continued, “In my 64 years, we have entered a phase that I feel is headed to the end. It’s occurring in Israel. This is unusual.”

He then taught on the “Top End Time Weapon to Defeat Satan” and how Jesus Christ helped believers defeat the enemy.

“If Jesus who came in flesh can overcome what the enemy tries to hit him with, God will let you overcome anything that the enemy tries to hit you with because Christ is in you, the hope of glory” Stone said.

Many raced to the altar to “get right with God” when he said so.

Dr. Malachi O’Brien, pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Missouri, said Gen Z is seeking Jesus and he’s pleased Franklin, Stone, and Free Chapel’s leadership are allowing more individuals to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

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