Dr Paul Enenche- Founder Of Dunamis International Gospel Center

Dr Paul Enenche- Founder Of Dunamis International Gospel Center

Paul Enenche is a priest in Nigeria who is a Christian. He is the head leader at Abuja’s Dunamis International Gospel Centre. He was born in the Benue State town of Orokam, Ogbadibo LGA. As a child, he was sick and had to deal with a lot. But they helped him get ready for what was to come.

Ministerial Journey

Dr. Paul Eneche started Dunamis International Gospel Center in 1996 and is now the head pastor there. The church first met on a Sunday at the Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor) Area 10 on November 10, 1996. After two weeks, the church moved to the Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where they worshipped for another six months.The church started out small but has grown into a well-known name with branches all over the world.

In June 1997, less than a year after the service started, the church moved to its current location. At the moment, the church has room for 30,000 people and holds, among other services, five fiery services every Sunday and two crowded services every Wednesday evening. Everywhere you look in Nigeria, the ministry is building new buildings or making its existing one bigger. That makes you think that this organization isn’t like most others. That makes you want to learn as much as you can about this job.

Personal Life

Pastor Paul Eneche used to be a medical doctor before he was called to start the ministry. He is married to Dr. Becky Eneche, who is also a doctor, and they have four children. She is in charge of Dunamis International Schools, which she owns.

As the founder and chief pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) in Abuja, Nigeria, he leads five services every Sunday for more than 20,000 people. Pastor Paul Eneche publishes “The Seeds of Destiny,” a daily devotional that comes out once a month, and he also hosts the famous TV and radio show “Destiny Encounter.” He has also written a lot of books that give people hope.

More than 20 years in service, with the power and presence of the living Christ, showing that Jesus Christ is the loving, living, saving, and healing son of God.

Pastor Paul Enenche is happily married to Pastor Becky Enenche and has 4 children together. He was born in Orokam, Benue State, Nigeria. He is an Idoma man. He studied Medicine, at University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

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