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Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Holy Spirit ‘Lighting Bolt’ ‘Without Jesus, You Just Have Darkness’

Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Holy Spirit ‘Lighting Bolt’ ‘Without Jesus, You Just Have Darkness’

Melissa Joan Hart recently talked about her spiritual journey and a “Holy Spirit moment” that helped her understand the Trinity. She also talked about how her work with World Vision, a faith-based organisation, has changed how she sees the power of prayer.

The veteran of Hollywood has been vocal about her faith in Christ for several years. Even though she is best known for her roles in TV shows from the 1990s like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All, and Melissa & Joey, she says that her quiet devotion to God has grown “deeper, closer, and more fulfilling.”

Hart was raised Catholic, but when she met her Baptist husband, Mark Wilkerson, she started going to a Presbyterian church.

But the artist from The Masked Singer told the Christian Post that she recently had a “born-again” moment that helped her understand the Trinity.

“I did have a born-again, Holy Spirit moment,” Hart said. “I never really got the Holy Spirit or the idea of the Trinity. One day, we were in Bible study when I suddenly understood what the Holy Spirit meant.

“One day I just felt it, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s the Holy Spirit talking to me. “Now I get it,'” she said. “It hit me like a bolt of lightning, and I was like, ‘The Holy Spirit!'” I don’t know why it just hit me, but it did, and I understood. Then I knew more about the Trinity and everything else.”

She told CBN that prayer is a big part of her life and work, even though there was a time when she wanted to give it up.

“I think that faith has always been there for me in my life. When I talk to myself throughout the day, I always end up talking about God. I never talk to myself by myself. “I always ask God what the best thing to do in a certain situation would be,” Hart said.

“I always ask the Holy Spirit to help me calm down and be quiet. I won’t get there any faster by being upset about something. She said, “I always find little bits of time during the day to spend with God.”

Hart said, “Of course, I get down on my knees when I’m at a real point in my life or when something is really bothering me. Every Sunday, we always go to church as a family. We have no shame about our faith. Prayer is just something that is very important to our family. Faith is an important part of all of our lives.

The mother of three says that prayer has even helped her deal with her nervousness.

She said, “I actually wanted to stop praying for a while because I was having such bad thoughts that scared me so much.” “I told myself, ‘I’m not going to pray anymore because these thoughts are too much for me. It’s making me feel bad. It keeps me from falling asleep. It’s making me so scared that I feel like I’m going to choke. I have these other thoughts when I pray. And that’s when I realised Satan is trying to take over, so I have to keep doing it!”

“I fought through it, and that doesn’t happen to me anymore,” Hart said.

Hart has shown her flith in many ways, including by working with World Vision, a Christian organisation that helps people in need.

In June, she worked with the group to help the people of Zambia get clean water.

She says that she had a talk about prayer while she was there that made her see things differently.

“It’s a Christian country, and when we went to most homes, the people there prayed with us. “They couldn’t figure out why we pray, though,” Hart said.

“They didn’t understand why we pray when we have so much. “They say, ‘It’s weird to see a family that has everything pray, like what would you pray for or how would you pray?'” she said.

“I think that in our country, people are more likely to say, ‘Why should I pray when everything is a mess?'” Everything around me is falling apart. God is not interested. Why should I pray?'” Hart gave an example. “But what they’re doing is saying, ‘Well, we need to pray because we want our goats to be healthy. Rain is needed, but not too much. Our crops need to do well. Our kids need to be healthy. We need changes to be made to our school.”

Hart says she has learned to count on Jesus through the ups and downs of her career.

“One of the best things I’ve learned is that darkness is just the absence of light, and without Jesus, all you have is darkness, because Jesus is the light,” she said.

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