Reverend Tom Amenkhienan Biography- Director of Church Ministry At The Believers Loveworld

Rev. Tom Amemkhienan is a born leader and a beloved follower of Loveworld, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. He is indeed an exemplary leader.

Reverend Tom is the Director of Church ministry at the Believers loveworld, popularly known as Christ’s Embassy, he became a full member of the Believers’ Loveworld in 1983 and grew to become a member of the Central Executive Council of the Believers Loveworld.

He celebrates his birthday every August 15, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan has won many awards during the annual ICLC and IPPC of the Believers’ Loveworld.


Reverend Tom Amenkhienan was born on August 15, and was birthed into a Roman Catholic family, because his maternal grandparents were very active and well-known leaders in the Roman Catholic Church, there were strong, friendly Roman Catholic ties going through the whole family.
As a child, he was baptized and confirmed early on, and he soon joined the army as an Altar Boy (Mass Server). Reverend Tom Amenkhienan says that the Priests and Reverend Fathers in charge of the local assembly (most of whom were foreigners, mostly from Ireland) tried to shape, train, and guide him to become a Roman Catholic Priest when he was very young. They did this by telling him he should go to the Seminary when he was old enough.He was taught this way of life from a young age until he met a Christian group for the first time in high school. At that time, a community was set up in the school by a group from the Scripture Union. Their message was the gospel, and Reverend Tom went to some of their association meetings to try to follow what they taught about how to live a holy life.


Reverend Tom says that he stopped following those teachings because he didn’t fully understand the concept of salvation at the time. His older brother, who was born again and in college, really wanted to start a new Youth Fellowship at school, but Reverend Tom didn’t take him seriously, even though he tried several times to make it happen. This was because of what he had learned before.

After that, Reverend Tom decided to stay a dedicated Roman Catholic until many years later, when he joined a Christian youth group that had nothing to do with his Roman Catholic background. This happened during the 1983–1984 school year, when he was just starting out at the university. He was asked to go to a friendship meeting on the University Campus by a classmate. Even though he wasn’t interested and didn’t want to, God miraculously reached out to him that night, and he accepted Christ’s life.

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