Pastor Korede Kumaya; Convener of The Master’s Academy and the Avalanche of Miracles

Pastor Korede Kumaya; Convener of The Master’s Academy and the Avalanche of Miracles

Pastor Korede Komaiya, born on September 4th, 1970, currently holds the position of presiding pastor at The Master’s Place. Additionally, he serves as the convener of The Master’s Academy and the Avalanche of Miracles. In a remarkable display of versatility and leadership, he assumes multiple roles within the realm of spirituality and literature.

Early Life

Not only is he a respected pastor and preacher, but he has also achieved great success as a best-selling author. Adding to his impressive repertoire, he currently holds the esteemed position of President at Master’s TV.

In his formative years, he was enrolled at the Methodist Comprehensive High School in Ago-Iwoye, where he pursued his education. In May/June 1986, he sat for the General Certificate Examination (GCE) as part of his academic journey.

In an intriguing revelation, it has come to light that Pastor Korede Komaiya is being hailed as a spiritual son to none other than the esteemed Bishop David Oyedepo of the renowned Living Faith Church, widely recognized as Winners’ Chapel. In addition, it is worth noting that he receives direct mentorship from Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries, who himself is a spiritual protege of Bishop David Oyedepo.

In a recent development, it has come to light that Pastor Korede Komaiya has children, specifically sons.

In a stunning revelation, Pastor Korede Komaiya has come forward to acknowledge his deep spiritual connection and covenant brotherhood with none other than Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the esteemed senior pastor and visionary behind the renowned Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).

In his remarks, he also discusses the elusive nature of conductible grace, a quality that is said to be accessible but seldom found in each passing era. In his statement, he suggests that this grace has the ability to produce remarkable individuals, drawing a parallel between the life of the esteemed patriarch, Dr. Bishop David Oyedepo, and this phenomenon.

Pastor Esther Korede Komaiya: A Remarkable Life Journey

In a joyous union, Pastor Korede Komaiya has found marital bliss with his beloved wife, Pastor Esther Korede Komaiya. On the 2nd of August, 1997, a joyous union was formed as they exchanged vows and embarked on the journey of marriage. Since then, their lives have been enriched with the presence of three sons. The firstborn, Isaac, entered the world on June 16th, while David and Daniel Korede-Komaiya complete this blessed trio. In a collaborative effort, they bring forth the publication of the esteemed Millionaire Brace Devotional on a daily basis. In the realm of social media, the union between Pastor Korede and his wife has garnered significant attention. One particular aspect that has captivated online audiences is Pastor Korede’s notable public displays of affection towards his beloved spouse.


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