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India Protest Against The Radical Hindu Ideology That Seeks to ‘Push Christianity Out of India’

India Protest Against The Radical Hindu Ideology That Seeks to ‘Push Christianity Out of India’

In a significant belief held by a substantial number of Indians, it is asserted that the nation is primarily intended for Hindus, with the view that all other religious communities, such as Christianity and Islam, should be eradicated from the fabric of society.

India’s Prime Minister and his government have been accused by human rights groups of endorsing the extremist perspective. The surge in violence against Christians has been observed, often with tacit approval from the central government.

In a startling revelation, it has come to light that a 16-year-old individual, known by the pseudonym “Paul,” was allegedly given specific instructions to target Christians. The source of these instructions is reported to be the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (R.S.S.), a radical Hindu paramilitary organisation.

In an interview with CBN News, Paul revealed that his affiliation with the R.S.S. and his Hindu background led him to adopt their principles fervently. As a result, he expressed that his objective became targeting Christians and pastors for harm.

In the interest of safety, Paul’s real identity has been concealed.

According to him, the R.S.S. allegedly targets Christians due to a significant number of Hindus in India reportedly renouncing their faith in favour of embracing Jesus Christ. In a recent statement, one of the early founders of the group expressed their opinion that Christians are “anti-national” and “hostile,” suggesting that they should be treated accordingly.

R.S.S. members frequently engage in a combination of religious Hindu education and self-defense classes and exercises.

In a unique approach, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the parent organisation of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, has integrated religious education with “self-defense” exercises. In a recent photograph captured by Ajit Solanki, we are presented with a visual depiction of an event or scene. The photo, credited to the Associated Press, offers a

Paul claimed that they were informed that Christianity does not have a place in their nation due to alleged conversion activities. As a result, he stated that there is a need to target pastors and destroy their places of worship in order to maintain their country as a Hindu nation.

According to recent data, Hindus account for nearly 80% of India’s total population. According to recent data, Muslims make up approximately 14% of the population. In India, Christianity holds the position of being the country’s third-largest religion, boasting approximately 26 million adherents, which accounts for roughly 2.3% of the total population. Notably, the number of followers continues to experience a steady increase.

In a bid to halt the expansion, Paul believed he had an opportunity when a pastor paid a visit to his hostel. In a life-altering turn of events, the encounter had a profound impact on him as the pastor graciously imparted the gospel message.

In a deeply emotional statement, the user expressed their profound sadness upon learning about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s blood for their sake. They shared their overwhelming realisation of Jesus Christ’s love and how He willingly shed His blood to atone for their sins. Paul declared, “I dedicated myself to Christ in that very moment.”

In a remarkable turn of events, Paul has taken on the role of a travelling pastor in the remote regions of Karnataka state in India. These areas have gained a notorious reputation as a “graveyard of pastors” due to the severe persecution that Christians encounter.

The church he attends has been subjected to multiple attacks by gangs associated with the R.S.S. In a recent development, an individual has been incarcerated for engaging in preaching activities. Despite this, his ministry continues unabated.

In the midst of incarceration, the individual expressed a profound sense of experiencing divine love. Despite enduring physical abuse, they found solace in their faith and remained steadfast in their devotion. As a result, they expressed deep gratitude towards God for their unwavering joy amidst challenging circumstances.

India, boasting a staggering population of 1.4 billion individuals, holds the esteemed title of being the largest democracy on the planet. According to human rights and religious freedom advocates, democracy has reportedly been on the decline since the assumption of power by the Hindu-led BJP government and its leader Narendra Modi in 2014.

According to Dr. David Curry, a commissioner on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, the government in question is regarded as the most advanced in terms of limiting religious freedoms, surpassing even China.

According to USCIRF, there has been a notable surge in violence against Christians during Modi’s tenure. According to reports, a significant number of attacks are allegedly perpetrated by R.S.S. and other Hindu extremist groups, which are said to have connections with the political party led by the prime minister.

In recent developments, Prime Minister Modi has faced accusations of promoting Hindutva, an ideology that has been described as radical. Hindutva espouses the belief that only Hindus can be considered true Indians, while labelling followers of other religions, particularly Christians and Muslims, as outsiders who should be excluded from society.

In a concerning development, there have been reports of the passing of laws aimed at criminalising religious conversions, with a particular focus on Christian and Muslim minorities.

In September of last year, Karnataka joined the ranks as the 10th Indian state to enact the Anti-Conversion Law. This legislation imposes a prison sentence ranging from 3 to 5 years for individuals convicted of engaging in forced conversions to Christianity.

In a unique endeavour, a pastor, who prefers to be identified as “Joseph” for privacy reasons, has been serving in various cities and villages across the state of Karnataka. Similar precautions have been taken to ensure his safety.

In a recent statement, the individual in question has been accused by R.S.S. and other right-wing Hindu groups of engaging in the conversion of Hindus through the alleged provision of monetary incentives or other forms of inducements. In a statement, he vehemently denies the charges brought against him.

Joseph reminisced about the early days of the ministry, noting that 35 years ago, they faced significantly fewer challenges. In a stark contrast to the days of yore, when religious freedom was a cherished value, it appears that the current climate has severely restricted the ability to engage in open dialogue or distribute informational materials, such as pamphlets. The freedom to exercise one’s beliefs seems to have been curtailed significantly, leaving individuals with limited options for expression. Today, we find ourselves in a situation. In a startling statement, the individual claims that churches are being operated under an atmosphere of fear.

CBN News is urging readers to sign up for their newsletters and download the CBN News app in order to stay updated with the most recent news from a Christian standpoint.In a stunning turn of events, the user has requested a rewrite of their text to resemble that of

Similar to Pastor Paul, Joseph has also faced the ire of Hindu radicals.

Joseph reported that his bicycles had been damaged, Bibles had been set on fire and burnt, and individuals had entered their church during a service and physically assaulted people. In a series of events, law enforcement officials have made multiple visits to the residence of the individual in question. Furthermore, the individual has been subjected to transportation to the local police station on several occasions, where they have faced repeated allegations of engaging in activities that allegedly involve pressuring individuals to change their religious beliefs. According to the individual, there is a consistent lack of evidence in their claims.

In a significant development, laws pertaining to religious conversions have been passed by 12 out of India’s 28 states. Notably, the majority of these states are governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These regulations aim to provide a framework for overseeing and managing religious conversions within the respective states.

Several states have also experienced a significant increase in incidents of mob violence targeting Indian Christians.

Don Shenk, the leader of an organisation, has been spearheading the dissemination of the gospel in India for over four decades. The organization’s primary medium for spreading the Christian message has been through radio broadcasts.

In a recent development, a group has diligently recorded instances of Hindu extremists engaging in discriminatory acts against individuals who have recently converted to Christianity.

In a concerning development, it has come to light that authorities, particularly at the village level, are failing to adequately safeguard the well-being of vulnerable believers.

According to Shenk, an astonishing number of individuals are facing various forms of exclusion and violence within their community. These individuals are being prohibited from accessing the village well and are being denied the opportunity to purchase food at the market. Moreover, they are enduring severe consequences ranging from being chased away, being socially isolated from their family and community, to experiencing physical harm such as beatings, killings, and destruction of their property.

According to Shenk, despite the constitutional provision in India granting Christians the right to preach, caution remains a necessity for the church in the country.

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