#My Journal

Dummy Devil Cunny Devil- Poetry

Dummy devil cunning devil
He did advertise the fruit as their right
In order to activate their physical sight
And plug the seed out of the garden
Knowing fully well that by one many are falling
But by one many are rising

Dummy devil cunning devil
He said turn stone to bread
Ready to take away his breath
He said fall, thy Angles will catch you
Ready to take his place
Indeed his plan before he fell and lost his place

Dummy devil cunning devil
He didn’t want to fall alone
So he introduced man to what will cut them short of God’s Glory
Dummy he is, he limited God to the dimension he knew
When Grace is made available
I’m sure he was excited when the law came
saying now I can accuse the brethren
But Grace has taken over!

Dummy devil cunning devil
You Can’t Charge Me Twice
I Know My Right
For Christ Hath Paid The Price
I am Redeemed and Justified
Sealed with the Holy Ghost of promise
Adopted as God’s own

Dummy devil cunning devil
Go get a life
Oh! You don’t even have one
Light has nothing to do with darkness
Soon enough you’ll confess God’s supremacy

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