Rev’d Gbade Ogunlana ‘PAITO WA’- Biography

Rev. Gbade Ogunlana is in charge of Gbade Ogunlana Ministries, which has its main office in Ibadan, Nigeria. Rev. Gbade Ounlana is a teacher on TV and radio, and he can teach in both English and Yoruba.

Ministerial Journey

After many years of starting churches both inside and outside of the country, PAITO WA, as he is commonly known, retired his job as a pastor to do field work.

Rev. Gbade is now on PAITO WA with Rev. Yemi Aduloju every week on more than 20 radio stations across the country.

Rev. Gbade Ogunlana is a writer and poet who has written four stories and books about prayers, marriage, healing, and other topics. He is currently doing healings and miracles that prove he has been called.

He is very happy with his sweet wife, Dr. Bosade Ogunlana, and they have beautiful children together.

PAITO WA is known for numerous mind blowing testimonies performed by God through him, which he usually refer to it as a ‘Gift’ from God.


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