#My Journal

Application Is The Key- Poetry

I know there’s a key that opens the door,
I even look and look at the key,
Yet I scream in my mind for freedom.

I walk around carrying this knowledge in me,
And sometimes I even try to show my fellow bondmen the key,
Yet something was missing.

We walked freely yet bond,
We even fed but never growing,
Had knowledge of the truth yet bond,
Something huge was missing..

More like, someone locked in a room from inside
But screams for outsiders to free him,
Yet they are beckoning on me to open the door.

There’s this holy book I keep gathering knowledge from,
Yet something was missing.

One day I stumbled on a passage
That showed me He would give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him I know.

That was what was missing!
There was no spirit of truth to guide me in all truth!
I was just there trying to guide myself and other bondmen.

Then I know that a man is not just free when he knows the truth,
but when he is led In the truth he knows to be free,
No spirit of wisdom or revelation made my knowledge useless.

Indeed, I’ll know the truth and it will set me free
Now I know it is one thing to know the truth
Yet, it is another thing to applied the truth I know to be set free

Spirit of truth, please guide me In all truth
So that I won’t be as one gathering knowledge yet never applying
Help me start doing all I know
And not just keep storing it or even teach it
Spirit of truth guide me in all truth always
I’m open to instruction and correction for construction o Spirit of truth

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