Rev. Mark Hankins Biography- Preacher of the Gospel of God

Rev. Mark Hankins is a well known man has God, who has traveled nationwide preaching the gospel of God to both the saved and unsaved, and has been a blessing to many unsaved and saved. He is well celebrated man of God.

His overarching goal is to disseminate the message of the believer’s identity in Christ, the spirit of faith, and the Holy Spirit’s work to all nations and generations.

Rev. Mark has accumulated more than thirty-five years of experience in full-time ministry. By means of leadership conferences, mission travels, publications, radio, television, Bible schools, and the internet, Mark Hankins Ministries disseminates the Word of God on a global scale.

His distinctive anointing to preach on the topics of faith and the believer’s identification in Christ has earned Rev. Mark widespread recognition.


Mark and Trina Hankins are wedded, and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, they both travel nationally and internationally to proclaim the Word of God. Their message focuses on the believer’s identity in Christ, the spirit of faith, and the operation of the Holy Spirit.

Ministerial Journey

Following more than five decades of pastoral and itinerant ministry, Mark and Trina are presently engaged in full-time ministry through participation in leadership conferences, church services, and campmeetings across the United States and the globe. Additionally, Trina and Mark have eight grandchildren.

Additionally, Mark has authored a number of volumes.

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