#My Journal

Start With Light- Poetry

Void, Empty, Shapeless
In boundage and shackles
We did lacked the truth
No freedom did come forth

Fear, Pain, Tear
Ruled by the master rebellion
Funny enough to chase mankind out of the garden of eden
Far away from redemption
We were choked up with pollution

It’s The Truth!
That by a word spoken all came to being
All was clear for all to seen
It’s the truth, not a film

By a word spoken
Manifestation found expression
The intend of the heart refuse to be an expectation
LIGHT cause all to be

Power, Love, Sound mind
The light that gave us life
Crucified, Raised, Saved
Light that gave us life
Free, Cleansed, Pure
Light that gave us Life

No longer slave, But Sons of light
Cause in the beginning we started with LIGHT

Start With Light- Poetry

Faith- Poetry

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