Andrew Wommack Biography- Faith Healer, Charismatic American Conservative Television Evangelist

Faith healer and charismatic American conservative television evangelist Andrew Wommack. 1978 saw the establishment of Andrew Wommack Ministries, and 1994 saw the inception of Charis Bible College (formerly Colorado Bible College). He is a well-respected personality on TBN, an accomplished author, and a renowned Bible instructor who has the ability to render profound teachings approachable and captivating.

His expedition commenced with an innermost recognition of the unconditional love of God. Consider a love of such magnitude that it fundamentally altered the course of his existence and inspired him to impart this elation to others.

Wommack and Jamie happily married in 1972 and had Jonathan Peter and Joshua as their beloved children, but his preaching ministry started in 1969. Andrew debuted his Gospel Truth radio program in 1976 on a small country-and-western station located in Childress, Texas. Andrew Wommack Ministries, Inc. was established by the Wommacks in 1978. In 1980, the ministry was relocated to Colorado Springs. Wommack asserts that, with the exception of a few months, he has been hosting the program continuously since. In January 2000, the INSP Network debuted the Gospel Truth television program, which was subsequently picked up by other Christian television networks and a few individual stations. His daily radio and television program, Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, was added to the Trinity Broadcasting Network lineup.

Wommack established Charis Bible College (CBC), which was formerly known as Colorado Bible College, in 1994. CBC is a non-credit-bearing biblical institution.

Andrew Wommack is a co-founder of the Truth and Liberty Coalition, a dominionist organization comprising the seven spheres of societal influence (religion and faith; family; education; government and law; media, news and commentary; arts and entertainment; and business and economics). The Truth and Liberty Coalition holds that Christians have been bestowed with “a mandate to bring about Godly change in our world through these spheres.” Richard Harris, Lance Wallnau, Karen Conrad, David Barton, and William J. “Bill” Federer are the remaining five co-founders.

In 2018, I provided a response to a viewer’s inquiry regarding a Facebook video: “Why are so many Christians blinded and unable to see how God is using Trump?” Wommack responded with, “I do believe that there is a demonic deception that is blinding people.”

Wommack asserted in a 2019 interview that his son Jonathan Peter was resurrected five hours after falling deceased in March 2001. However, Desiree (Cannon) Wommack’s online statements claimed that Jonathan was revived at the hospital subsequent to an overdose. She further claimed that she had been subjected to domestic violence by her spouse and that the ministry had ignored her claims. Interviews with Wommack continue to recount the account of his son’s resurrection through 2021.

The Colorado Attorney General’s office issued a cease-and-desist letter to Andrew Wommack Ministries in July 2020, alleging that the organization contravened state health orders by organizing an indoor event that exceeded the state’s permitted capacity of 175 individuals, with an attendance of over 1,000.

Wommack stated in 2024 that he believed a second American Civil War would be beneficial if it led to a return of the nation to God.

Andrew Wommack maintains a social media presence. Her contact information is available on his official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X accounts.

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