#My Journal

Faith- Poetry

If my faith is as small as the mustard seed
Surely it will move mountains
But down down the earth must it go
Till it grow grow and glow
To accomodate many in my branches with fruits

I’ll embrace little
Patiently grow to accomodate much more
I can also turn water to wine
For greater works shall I do
I can also walk on water
Cause this sign shall follow me, for I believe

If I let my mustard seed go down down
Surely I’ll grow and glow

If I launch out before my time
I’ll stay up all night empty
But when it’s the right time
I’ll launch my net to the right side
Down down to draw out abundant

Therefore I’ll let my seed down down
Till it grow and glow to attract and accomodate

My foundation and founder
Take the lead as a fertile soil
I’ll follow down down and grow
Till I become fishers of men
Down down will my seed go
Till it grow grow and glow to accomodate more

Faith- Poetry

Faith 2- Poetry

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