Sarah Jakes Roberts- [Woman Evolve] Writer, Author, Pastor, & Motivational Speaker

Sarah Jakes Roberts- [Woman Evolve] Writer, Author, Pastor, & Motivational Speaker

Sarah Jakes Roberts was born on July 17, 1988, in the United States. She grew up in an African-American home there. She spent most of her childhood and early schooling in West Virginia, where she was born and raised. She was smarter than most kids and did well in school, which set her apart. At 16, this girl finished high school and went to college almost right away.

Life Journey

Sarah Jakes Roberts is 33 years old right now, since she was born in 1988. She is still a very young woman, and she is still on her way to leaving a memory, making a difference, and making friends. Sarah Jakes Roberts is still young, but she has already reached a number of important goals that other grown-ups have yet to reach.

She is married to a handsome and helpful man who supports her goals and makes it easier for her to become a preacher.

She also has kids who are beautiful and smart. People who are 33 years old often haven’t done any of these things. In short, Sarah is without a doubt successful and lucky.


Sarah Jakes Robbert is a smart and bright woman. She went to elementary school and high school in the United States, where she is from. After getting an A in high school, she went to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth to get a degree in journalism. Career As we’ve already said, Sarah Jakes is a well-known person.

Career Life

Sarah didn’t know if she would become a well-known person when she was in school. But after she finished college in Texas, she wrote her first book and started building a well-known business for herself. She went on to write more books about Christianity and self-improvement.

Sarah Jakes Roberts had chances to speak at events and even in media houses because she was a famous author. At this point, she was sure that she would become a well-known person. Sarah was lucky that when she chose to get married, she married a young, handsome African American man who was totally on board with her career and goals.

Both of them became preachers years later because they were strong Christians. Sarah Jakes Robert and Touré Roberts are now the lead leaders at The Potter’s House in both Los Angeles and Denver. At the moment, they are in charge of both churches and are in charge of several priests and Christian workers.

Sarah and her loving husband work as pastors in a church, but they also want to help people all over the United States. They try to help people who are having trouble with their emotions, negative views, or addictions. They also try to help Christians who are having trouble with their faith. This isn’t just a goal she set for herself when she was much older. She had felt for people and cared about them.

Marital Status

Sarah Jakes Roberts is married to Touré Roberts, who is her husband. In November 2014, the couple got married. It wasn’t a very fancy or complicated wedding. Everything was done in a modest way, and a good number of family and friends were able to come to the party. The first child didn’t come along until two years after the wedding.

Before Sarah married her husband, she wasn’t that interested in becoming a pastor, let alone the lead pastor of a big church. But as luck would have it, her husband, who had been a preacher, got her interested in doing pastoral work.

Sarah’s father is also a very successful preacher, but after she met and married pastor Touré Roberts, she became more interested in pastoral care. They are now the head pastors of churches in both Los Angeles and Denver.


Bishop T.D. Jakes (Bishop Thomas Jakes Sr.) has a beautiful daughter named Sarah Jakes Robbert. Her mother is named Serita Jakes. Bishop T.D. Jakes is a well-known preacher, author, filmmaker, and motivational speaker. Serita Jakes, Sarah Jakes’s mother, is an actress. Sarah has four brothers Cora Jakes-Coleman, Thomas Dexter Jakes jr., Jamar Jakes, and Jermaine Jakes. All of them are doing well in what they do for a living.


At the moment, $15 million is thought to be Sarah Jakes Roberts’s net worth. Sarah Jakes Roberts is worth a lot of money. Her book, income from her church, and money from her dad all helped her get there. Sarah Jakes Roberts has a lot of money. Most of her money comes from her father, who is one of the wealthiest preachers in the world.

Aside from being an author and speaker, she is not known to have any other companies in the United States or anywhere else. Because of this, it’s easy to think that her father gave her most of her money.

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