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I Am Ready For Your Use- Poetry

I see the world in my imagination
Yet can’t fathom the great persecution
Deep have I search for meaning to thy revelation
But your love is indeed for all generation

Your glory did you leave
And became a great story for man to live
So great love, full of sacrifice
That only you can satisfy

Take the lead and I’ll follow always
Let’s sing the love song all the way
Make me your battle axe and weapon of war
Let’s make more Paul out of saul
More light out of darkness

Set me on the field as dear missionary
Your words will I proclaim without consulting the dictionary
You don’t have to pay me salary
Cause I know great is thy rewards not poverty

If the cross is all that is left to behold
I’ll listen to thy last words of “It is finished”
I’ll behold thy empty grave
Then watch you sit in High Places
Surely my mouth will be filled with laughter
My Joy will be without bond

Use me for thy Glory

I Am Ready For Your Use- Poetry

Faith 2- Poetry

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