Prophet SK Abiara- General Evangelist and Preacher

Prophet SK Abiara- General Evangelist and Preacher

Prophet Dr. Samuel Kayode Abiara was born on August 8, 1942. He was the General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) for ten years before he quit. Baba Abiara is a firebrand who is also a world Evangelist and a global prophet.

Ministerial Life

Prophet Dr. S.K. Abiara was the general preacher of the Christ Apostolic Church worldwide right before he retired. He started Christ Apostolic Church Agbala Itura (Vineyard of Comfort) in many places around the world. Prophet Dr. Abiara has been preaching for 55 years. He is a prophet and evangelist, and his radio and TV ministry have helped millions of people.

He went to the C.A.C. Theological Seminary in Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria, and graduated from there. St. John’s University in the United States of America gave him a special Doctor of Ministry degree. Prophet Dr. S.K. Abiara started and is president of CINDICO, an interdenominational Bible college that is part of Canada’s Acadia University. He just started the Abiara Divine Foundation, which helps people who don’t have much.

The man of God is still holding huge revivals and doing miracles. He is the God-man in charge of the C.A.C. Agbala-Itura, which has branches all over the world.

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