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Rape Suit: COZA Pastor Found Not Guilty, Fines Timi Dakolo’s Wife N1m

Rape Suit: COZA Pastor Found Not Guilty, Fines Timi Dakolo’s Wife N1m

The FCT High Court in Bwari has made a decision regarding the rape case brought forth by Mrs. Busola Dakolo, the wife of renowned Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo. The case was filed against Biodun Fatoyinbo, the Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). However, the court has dismissed the aforementioned case.

In a recent court ruling, Pastor Fatoyinbo has been absolved of the alleged rape charges. The court justified its decision by stating that the plaintiff’s case lacked substantial evidence and was primarily based on emotional sentiment.

In a recent development, Justice Othman Musa made a significant ruling on the rape suit, ultimately dismissing it. However, it is worth noting that the judge also ordered Dakolo to pay costs amounting to N1,000,000 to the Pastor involved in the case.

Musa stated that the amount could have been ten times higher, but he chose to refrain from pursuing it further due to the possibility of other women coming forward with valid claims seeking justice.

In a shocking revelation, Mrs. Dakolo, the wife of renowned artist Timi Dakolo, has come forward with allegations of rape against Pastor Fatoyinbo. According to Mrs. Dakolo, the incident occurred during her teenage years.

In a determined move, she took her case to the court, seeking both justice and compensation.

In a stunning revelation, Busola Dakolo has come forward to accuse Pastor Fatoyibi of rape, allegedly occurring in the year 2002.

In response to the lawsuit, the Senior Pastor of COZA has filed an objection and submitted an affidavit. According to the affidavit, he asserts that Busola’s statements are not true and were fabricated with the intention of causing embarrassment, scandal, and ridicule.

According to the affidavit, the individual stated that the plaintiff actively sought media and press attention right from the beginning. Additionally, they initiated the civil action despite the ongoing Police investigation.

In a statement made by Fatoyibi, she described her false claims as both stale and an abuse of the judicial process.

In a recent development, following a series of arguments presented by the parties involved, Musa, a prominent figure in the legal community, has made a significant statement regarding the matter at hand. According to Musa, the issue in question can be classified as an abuse of the judicial process.

In his statement, he emphasised that the case lacks any substantial evidence or legal basis, describing it as purely sentimental and devoid of factual support.

In a ruling handed down by the court, it has been determined that the case is characterised by a greater presence of cruelty rather than justice.

In anticipation of the verdict, Fatoyinbo had previously characterised the lawsuit as both frivolous and statute barred.

In a recent development, Pastor Fatoyinbo, represented by his lawyer, Dr Alex Izinyon, SAN, has raised a preliminary objection on the matter. According to a document dated 20th September, 2019, Fatoyinbo argues that the reliefs sought by Dakolo in the lawsuit are not legally permissible, rendering the entire suit incompetent.

According to Izinyon, the court lacks jurisdiction to hear the suit. He further described the suit as frivolous and a clear abuse of the court process.

According to an affidavit filed by Ademola Adetuberu, who serves as the Executive Senior Assistant to Fatoyinbo, it has been stated that the basis of the plaintiff’s lawsuit is solely an alleged claim of emotional and psychological distress.

In the affidavit, the individual stated that the alleged accusation of rape is currently under investigation by the police.

Last month, Dakolo took the initiative to approach the court seeking redress regarding the allegations made against Pastor Fatoyinbo.

In a significant development, Dakolo, represented by her lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, has approached the court seeking an order to compel Fatoyinbo to issue a prominently displayed apology to her. The apology is requested to be published on the front page of at least two (2) National Newspapers and aired on two National Televisions for a consecutive period of seven days.

In a recent interview with lawyer and journalist Chude Jideonwo, the plaintiff made a startling revelation about an alleged incident that occurred when she was a teenager. According to her, the Abuja-based cleric is accused of raping her. This revelation was made approximately two months ago.

In a recent statement, she alleged that Fatoyinbo engaged in sexual intercourse with her on two separate occasions, specifically on September 23 and September 26, 2002. She further asserted that these actions have resulted in ongoing emotional distress, which she believes constitutes intentional infliction of emotional distress. The user did not provide any text.

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