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T.D Jakes Advance In Installing Daughter, Son-in-Law As Potter’s House Assistant Pastors

T.D Jakes Advance In Installing Daughter, Son-in-Law As Potter’s House Assistant Pastors

In a historic move, Bishop T.D. Jakes, the esteemed founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House, a prominent megachurch located in Dallas, Texas, has officially appointed his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband Touré Roberts as assistant pastors.  Read ful story >>>

This groundbreaking decision marks the first time in the church’s history that individuals have been named to such a leadership position.

In a momentous 27th anniversary service on Sunday, Bishop Jakes, aged 66, officiated the installation of the couple, alongside other present ministers of the church who were also assigned new roles. This significant event took place on stage, in full view of the gathered congregation.

In a surprising turn of events, the speaker begins by prefacing the impending charge, suggesting that the recipient may find themselves taken aback by the situation at hand. According to reports, it appears that God is not present. In a statement to the five individuals, Jakes declared, “He said, ‘Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee.'” The user stated, “I ordained you.” In a stunning revelation, the user claims to have personally ordained an individual before they themselves were ordained. In a stunning revelation, the user claims to have sanctified the recipient. In a bold move, the user declared, “I set you apart.” In a recent statement, the user emphasized their efforts to ensure that the individual in question never found a suitable place elsewhere.

In a historic move, The Potter’s House has recently appointed assistant pastors for the first time in the church’s nearly three-decade history, as reported by The Christian Post (CP).

In a recent development, the user has shared an image labeled as “slider img 2.”The Robertses currently serve as pastors at both the Denver and One LA campuses of the church.

In a noteworthy development, the Robertses have been appointed as assistant pastors, joining the ranks of other church leaders who have also received new titles.

In a recent development, Elder Frank Dyer, who currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) within the church, has been additionally appointed as the executive pastor. According to the CP, he has recently faced a challenging battle with myelodysplastic syndrome, commonly referred to as “pre-leukemia.”

In a powerful statement, Jakes acknowledged the significance of the timing of the phone call made by an individual to Dyer, amidst a life-threatening situation caused by the enemy. Jakes emphasized that if Satan had succeeded in his intentions, the purpose of their gathering would have tragically shifted from consecration to mourning.

In a recent development, Oscar Williams, a distinguished church elder, has been appointed as the dean of Worship Arts at Jakes Divinity School.

In a remarkable turn of events, Dr. Oscar Williams has emerged as the individual believed to have been divinely chosen for a specific purpose. Referred to as the “hand of the Lord,” Dr. Williams has been set apart for this significant moment in time. In what can only be described as a rollercoaster of emotions, you have experienced a period that can be characterized as both tumultuous and transformative. In a heartfelt statement, Jakes expressed that your mother and father are watching over you from the balconies of Heaven.

In a recent development, Associate Pastor Joel Tudman has been announced as a member of The Potter’s House corporate leadership team.

In a passionate address, the speaker directed their words to a diverse audience, including ministers, individuals entrusted with the sacred duty of spreading the word of God, and fellow believers united in the faith of Christ. Emphasizing the divine nature of their calling, the speaker urged each person present to reflect upon their unique role as chosen instruments of God. The individual claims to have received a divine call from God. The congregation has chosen its minister as the leading voice. The individual has been summoned to assume a leadership role in guiding these individuals towards the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ. In a stirring address, Jakes emphasized the significance of every individual’s role within the collective Ministry. He highlighted the distinctiveness of each person’s calling, emphasizing their crucial role in equipping the Body of Christ for the vital task of reconciliation.

In a world where the user is about to embark on a new chapter of their life and ministry, a charge is given to always remember that Jesus’ purpose was not to be served, but to serve. In a powerful statement, he urged individuals to embrace a life filled with joy and confidence, emphasizing the importance of being firmly grounded in the Gospel and recognizing the inherent value of every moment.

In light of the recent appointments, Jakes took a moment to reflect on the church’s extensive 27-year history.

In a statement, he confirmed that they are still present. In a resolute statement, the speaker asserts that their strength remains unwavering and their vision remains clear. However, they attribute their ability to extend their reach to a divine intervention, acknowledging that God has graciously granted them the privilege of additional assistance.

In May, it was reported by CBN News that Jakes made an announcement regarding a significant partnership with Wells Fargo. The purpose of this partnership, valued at $1 billion, is to enhance the economic vitality and inclusivity of underserved communities throughout the United States.

During an interview with CBS Mornings, it was revealed that the T.D. Jakes Group has entered into a 10-year collaboration with Wells Fargo. The purpose of this partnership is to provide funding for a range of projects aimed at promoting community development.

In an interview with the outlet, he emphasized that the current moment presents a crucial opportunity to drive minority communities towards success.

In a statement, he expressed a pessimistic outlook on the future, specifically highlighting the challenges faced by minority communities. In a recent statement, the user highlighted the challenges faced by individuals from various racial backgrounds, including Black people, Brown people, and economically disadvantaged White people. These individuals are reportedly encountering difficulties in securing employment and accessing housing, hindering their ability to achieve upward mobility.


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