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Richard Lozenzo- Ex-Warlock Was ‘Magnet to Evil,’ Satan Until Jesus Broke Through

Although he currently serves as a Christian pastor, Richard Lorenzo Jr. never was before. Once upon a time, the former sorcerer was entangled in the esoteric, promoting malevolence and inspiring others to follow suit. However, everything altered in 2019 when he accepted Jesus.

“I was without a doubt possessed,” he told CBN Digital recently. “I was literally hearing voices when I began to hear them.”

Like so many others, Lorenzo’s descent into the abyss began in the same way. He found himself expeditiously crossing off worldly objectives from his personal to-do list. It was not sufficient that he had “everything” he desired, including wealth, travel, and women.

“As long as I remained empty on the inside, that question would perpetually cross my mind: What is the meaning of life?” he explained. “Where exactly are we?”

Lorenzo ultimately became deeply involved in the drug trade; however, his preoccupation with tracing the thievery of a sizable drug shipment escalated when it vanished. At that moment, he sought the answer from an unanticipated source: a voodoo priest.

Lorenzo travelled to Haiti specifically in order to meet with the occultist.

“When I returned to the United States, everything began to go haywire,” he explained.

He soon became so captivated by evil that he neglected the cargo and developed an obsession with the supernatural. His subsequent quest took him into the depths of the esoteric, where he immersed himself so profoundly that he sacrificed everything to investigate such practises.

“I visited additional voodoo priests, mediums, and psychics in Los Angeles,” Lorenzo explained regarding the descent. “I am certain I was bewitched… Previously, I held the conviction that the actions I was undertaking were morally correct.

He further stated, “At one time, I held the view that abortion was morally acceptable. I would persuade individuals to have abortions, get inebriated, and adulterate with their spouses. “I was working directly for the devil.”

However, everything changed when he discovered Jesus.

Lorenzo recounts his extraordinary voyage to the pastorate and faith in the video that is displayed above.

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