Prophet Micheal Ojo Olowere- Preachers From Christ Apostolic Church [CAC]

Prophet Micheal Ojo Olowere- Preachers From Christ Apostolic Church [CAC]

Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere, who was born on September 9, is anointed for signs and wonders and is a deep speaker, teacher, and gospel evangelist. He is one of the few respected preachers of the gospel from the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). He is known as Baba Olowere. He is a strange prophet of God and one of the few men left who got a lot of God’s power from the well-known Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola.

Ministerial Journey

Baba Olowere has been in the ministry for over 60 years, and he has helped start several churches as part of the mission of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), starting with the CAC Oke-Imole, Agbowo, in 1978. Prophet Michael Olowere runs his church in Ibadan, Nigeria, at the moment.

There are many stories about Baba Olowere’s life and the things God did through it. Apostle Femi Lazarus talked about one that stood out. He said that he and his spiritual brothers and covenant friends, Pastor Daniel Olawande and Evangelist Lawrence Oyor Gomba, went to a vigil at Prophet Olowere’s church in Ibadan. At the meeting, he was deep in prayer when he suddenly turned to face the people around the minister’s seat on the platform. As soon as he turned toward them, he saw that the whole group was surrounded by a very thick fog. Then he noticed that someone with the old cloak had entered the church. He looked to his right and saw Baba Olowere sitting not far away.

Message And Memories

Apostle Femi Lazarus also said that when it was Baba’s turn to preach, he spoke about the resurrection of the last days. Then he talked about what God had shown him in a dream: it was raining, and everyone under it had the power of the Holy Spirit. I knew in my heart that there were two parts to his plan: 1) He was talking about the later rain that will fall in the last days. 2) He was also talking about the latter rain conference. The three of us who will be serving there were also at this meeting, which was a great confirmation for us. Since we met him, I can’t stop thinking about how humble, kind, and devoted to prayer he was at such a young age.

When I stood in front of him to talk to him, I felt the weight of prayer all of a sudden. In fact, a man’s secret life can be found out.

A.T. Joel, another prophet, also told a story about Babab Olowere’s strong faith. Prophet Joel said that Baba Olowere, who is also known as Baba Automatic, is an unstoppable man. He also said that Baba Olowere doesn’t take “NO” for an answer. He said that Baba Olowere is not the kind of person who would let Jesus go before he hears Him properly. He’s the kind of person who will pray until something happens. Even though God has done great things through him, I have never met a man as humble as this man of God. He is calm, but he can’t be stopped. There isn’t a single sound around him.

In another story about Baba Olowere, he was on his way to Osogbo, in the state of Osun, for a mission when he was stopped by police. Even though he gave them everything they asked for, they still wouldn’t let him go. Then he got out of the car, took off one shoe, and threw it into a bush. He told the cops to look for it until he got back from the show, because time was running out.

The cops went into the bush right away and started looking for the shoes. Baba didn’t come back until the next day, and when he got to that part, he yelled, “My friends, I’m here!”

When the cops came out of the bush, they were fighting over who would give Baba the shoes. He took the shoes from them, prayed for them, and told them never to bother a man of God again.

People don’t respect men of God anymore because most of us don’t have the power of humility that gave them power in the past.

Prophet Olowere has said that this is the key to running a good ministry many times. In his words, he said ‘omo ni irele, ani ni irele, o gbodo ni irele…”. This is translated to “Son, be humble, you need to be humble, you must be humble”


Babe Olowere passed away peacefully on July 5, 2023, due to old age sickness. Even at that Babba was still an effective preacher and prophet even at old age. May his soul rest in peace.


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