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What Made The Sun, Moon and Seven Star Bow To Joseph- Poetry

Now I Know
Now I know what was so superior
That made the sun and the moon and stars bow to Joseph
A light he was, that non could withstand
All they did was bow.

Even in the beginning,
The creator recorded days with Thee Light
Light so great that all things were made after Thee

Even John the revealer said in his book
That the sun and moon shall no longer be our light
But Ye shall be our everlasting Light

Yes! Yes!
Christ in me the hope of GLORY
I am light, The express image of His Glory

Now I know!
That everything reproduces after it kind
So the Father made us in his image and likeness
That we may be called Sons of lights

Oh! Father of Lights
It’s I your own,
It’s I, Light!
Now I know my identity
This is my reality
An express image of Thee

Now I Know
That I can’t be limited
I must shine
My good works must be seen
You Must Be Glorified

I’m not permitted to be hidden
I’m made for impact
I’m made for relevance
This is a global mandate
Light! Oh Light
There’s many to be set free from darkness

Yes, Yes!
Manifestation thus follow understanding
I Am Light, The Express Image Of His Glory

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