Bro Gbile Akanni Biography; Teacher of Interdenominational Fellowship ‘Living Seed’

Life Journey

Bro Gbile Akani was born on June 22, into an “Ifa” (idol worship) family, in Masifa, Ogbomosho, Oyo State. He was nurtured and grew in Oyo state, where he also had his University education at University of Ibadan and alumnus of the Baptist Student Fellowship,
Rev. Dr. DurosinJesu Ayanrinola and Bro Gbile Akanni were childhood friends who has impacted eachother spiritually, and his friend’s grandmother who was always interceding for him to be a shining light out of his dark family.
Bro Gbile Akanni sated about the Grandmother that “She brought me and my very bosom friend, DurosinJesu, who is her own grandson, on her knees every blessed morning between 1970 and 1973, for deep prayer and intercession before we left for school and on our return in the afternoon, she gathered us again around her waist for more prayers and thanksgiving. She wished and prayed for me to become “a shining light” out of my very dark family. When persecuted at home, she was one “refuge” I could run to, who had soothing assurance in her words, “Don’t mind Akanni, your father…he will also leave those things, as I left my idol worship. I was threatened left and right, but I purposed in my heart, I would not deny Jesus. Till I die, I will ever live to serve Him.”
 In his companionship “Living Seed”, Gbile Akanni conducts Ministers’ Leadership Retreats on an annual basis. Every year thousands of people attend this place.
His authoritative teaching is profoundly challenging and life-changing, and he has a deep desire to see believers turn their focus on Jesus Christ alone. His areas of strength are in teaching and evangelism. Bro Gbile Akanni is happily married to a medical doctor, Mummy (Sister) Sade Akanni, and together they have four children. They live in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa. Daddy Gbile Akanni is committed to transforming believers into disciples. He has a great depth of the word of God. His authoritative teaching is deeply challenging and life-changing.

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