#My Journal

Yes, I Do -Poetry

At the altar
I hear many words utter
When all seems blurry
My lashes had swim for long
Yet my understanding was clear

As the evangelist said the vows
I waited no longer, but shouted I do

Yes, I do
I do accept you as my Lord and Saviour
To hold and behold thy word
To fellowship and to meditate
Just as I’ve heard, so will I do

Yes I do
I do take off the old life
And embrace the new
Shut out my ears to the old news
Cos your way is the only way
In other ways, I do sway

Yes, I do
Shall we go on this voyage
My creator
Right at the altar
The source and life met
We did sojourn on our vows of eternity

My life I give, my soul I give
I never own, I own it no more
Back to where it belong
The cares of the Father’s

Yes, I do

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