#My Journal

Love And Light Meets- Poetry

Love and light meet
The spirit did shed the love of God abroad in our heart
Which has made us light on earth
And kept us in God’s sight, filled with strength

Saved us from fright
Not by our power or might
But there’s no condemnation for us who are in Christ

Bond men seize to be our identity
And has set us free from been a nonentity
Giving us a name better than a celebrity

He hath made us far greater than star, we are Light
That gives rooms for other lights to shine
We illuminate

Set at liberty to liberate many
We speak life we speak light
Even in our dark night
We’ll speak life and light

In the valley of shadows of death
We’ll speak life and light
We manifest
Never to be fooled again
We’ll keep speaking life and light

Till we become

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