Faith Oyedepo; Chancellor of Covenant University and Vice President (Education) of LFC Worldwide

Faith Oyedepo; Chancellor of Covenant University and Vice President (Education) of LFC Worldwide

She is a preacher, a teacher, and a role model for millions of Christian women around the world. She has helped her husband build up his ministry in her own way. Her work for God has led her to do things that seem impossible for a woman to do. She is currently Vice President (Education) of the Living Faith Church Worldwide and Vice Chancellor of Convenant University.

Early Life

Faith Oyedepo was born to Akano’s family on February 5, 1958. Before she got married in 1982, she was first known as Miss. Florence Abiola Akano.


She went to school from kindergarten through high school. She went to University of Ile-Ife to study after that. She decided to become a minister of God after she graduated.


Bishop David Oyedepo, who started the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel, and is the Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle in Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria, is her husband. After she graduated from college, she went into the church.

In 1981, they were given the order that led to this mission. She has devoted her life to a service for families and homes in which she shows people how God wants their homes and relationships to be. She also feels called by God to offer her shoulders to single people and improve their lives in a unique way.

She and her husband spread the Good News about Jesus Christ in many countries around the world. Their goal is to free the downtrodden.

People all over the world like her, especially because of how hard she works to make families stronger. She has written several books and used different forms of communication, like the media, to become an expert on family, youth, and women’s rights, as well as on how to have a happy marriage.


Mrs. Oyedepo is well on her way to making schooling better in her country. She is the Chancellor of Covenant University at the moment. Together, she and her husband have done great things in the field of education by building good schools and universities. Some of the steps she’s taken in schooling are:

University of Covenant

University of Landmark

Crown University is being built.

Faith School

Model School of the Kingdom of Heritage


A lot of booms have come from her. Also, this motivational preacher has used her health problems to write her books. Her most exciting book, “Rescued from Destruction,” is based on her health problems.

  • Raising Godly Children
  • Understanding Womanhood
  • Success in Marriage
  • Marriage Covenant
  • The Healing Scriptures


She is one of the people who run the organization that her husband, Bishop Oyedepo, started. The foundation is a charity with the goal of making life better for poor people in Africa.

The foundation also gives scholarships and funds to poor and less fortunate people who want to go to school and have shown a willingness to do so.

This part of her giving is taken care of by their two universities, Covenant and Landmark.

Personal Life

While she was a student at the University of Ife and her husband was a student at the Kwara college, they met at a parking lot and started dating.

In 1982, she married Pastor David Oyedepo. David Jr., Isaac, Love, and Joyce are their four lucky children. Kenneth Copeland made David Jr. and Isaac Oyedepo pastors in May 2007.


Using her own life as a real-world example, she has been able to show others how to live. She has shown, in both practical and spiritual ways, that the home can really be the Garden of Eden that God made it to be.


Forbes magazine says that she and her husband, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is the richest minister in Nigeria, have a net worth of more than $150 million.

Their government owns four private jets and a number of buildings around the world, including in London and the United States.

She always thought that she could make a difference in more people’s lives and that the best was yet to come.

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