Brave Woman Saved Paralyzed Man from Burning Car ‘She Was His Angel by the Grace of God’

Brave Woman Saved Paralyzed Man from Burning Car ‘She Was His Angel by the Grace of God’

A brave woman pulled a paralysed Texas man from his burning car on Sunday. The man forgot to thank the stranger who helped him, so he found her to say thank you properly.

Dennis Brown, 58, of Dallas, praised Tammi Arrington, a resident of Mississippi, for coming to his aid quickly when his rental car caught fire. The New York Post said that she pulled him out of the car before the fire spread to the whole car.

Brown can’t move below the waist because someone shot him 36 years ago. So he could still drive, he rented a special car with a hand-control gadget.

“I’m starting to realise how dangerous I was,” Brown told The Post. “If it weren’t for Tammi, I don’t know how I would have gotten out, how close I would have come to getting burned, or if I would even be here today.”

She told The Post that when she looked out the front window, she saw that the car was on fire. When she ran to the car, she thought at first that there was no one inside. But then she saw Brown move his head near the driver’s side seat.

She opened the door and told Brown to get out of the car, but he allegedly told her, “I can’t, I’m in a wheelchair.”

Arrington took the chair, but then she realised she didn’t have time to put it together. So, The Post said, she pulled Brown out of the car and put him in the wheelchair after putting it together. The two then moved far enough away from the burning car to be safe.

Brown said that after the fight, he was so shocked that he forgot to ask Arrington her name because he was so shocked. Julia Brown, his mother, told KDFW-TV that she went to the woman’s house to thank her but didn’t get her name.

“I nearly lost my child in this car that was on fire. She told the source, “I can’t thank her enough.” “Because he would have burned if she hadn’t pulled him out of there. By God’s grace, she was his angel.”

Brown’s talk was shown on KDFW. He hoped it would help him meet the person who helped him and thank him in person. The Post says that Arrington later got in touch with the station, and the two were able to talk.

“The first thing I said was, ‘Tammi, this is Dennis, the guy in the wheelchair,'” Brown told the news source. “Man, we just started laughing.”

Brown said that the next time Arrington comes to town, he and his mother will take her and her friend out to dinner.

But the woman told The Post that she doesn’t think she should be given extra credit for helping someone in need.

“I’m glad he’s OK,” said Arrington. “Any human response would have been the same, I think, if they had seen that.”


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