Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo- Founder Of Deliverance Church Kenya and Ugenda

Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo- Founder Of Deliverance Church Kenya and Ugenda

Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo started the Deliverance Church in Kenya and Uganda. He also helped start the Family of God Churches in Zimbabwe. He started Joe Kayo Ministries and wrote several books, including The Marvel of God’s Grace, The Power of the Blood of Christ, God’s Pattern for Daily Living, The Eagle Saint, Knowing the Name of the Lord, and The Lion Has Prevailed. Since he became a Christian, he has changed the lives of many people all over Africa. The place where he was born and raised is very different from where he is now.


On May 5, 1937, he was born in Nyamira to parents who didn’t have much money. He lost his mother when he was 12 and quit school in class 6. His life was hard, and things didn’t look good for the future. He tried to kill himself three times because life was hard and he didn’t know what would happen next. When this didn’t work, he turned to crime.

Turning Point

He got very sick in February 1957 and was taken to a hospital in Mombasa. His condition was very bad, and doctors didn’t think he had a chance of living. Two nurses took him to T.L. Osborn’s mission and left him there to die. He heard what was said, accepted Christ, and was made well. After two weeks, he said that the holy spirit had baptized him and that God told him to go tell the world.

In 1957, he started Joe Kayo Ministries, and three years later, it had two branches in Kilifi and Mombasa.

He married Rose on June 3, 1961, and they have three boys together.

He went to the United States and registered Joe Kayo Ministries International. Then he went back to Kenya and brought the Church of the Spirit and Truth back to life.

He still preachs to the world today, both in church and on the Internet. Deliverance Church has grown into a large religious group with branches in many parts of the United States.


He lived in Seattle and went to school at the University of Biblical Studies in Oklahoma after he moved to the United States. Faith Bible College in Lagos, Nigeria, helped him get a THD and a PHD, and Ireland’s European Bible Seminary gave him a D.LITT for his writing and teaching.

He got an honorary D.D. from the Esther Mallet International Christian University in California.

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