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They Choose Christ And Got Baptized In The Lake In Auburn- The Fire of Revival Is Spreading

They Choose Christ And Got Baptized In The Lake In Auburn- The Fire of Revival Is Spreading

All over the country, God is moving on college campuses. Early this year, revival came to places like Asbury University, Lee University, and Samford University. And now, students at Auburn University are saying that God moved at an event this week that left them “speechless and in awe.”

On Tuesday night, thousands of Auburn students filled Neville Arena to worship and praise Jesus. However, an impromptu baptism that started with one student asking to be baptised turned into about 200 people giving their lives to Christ.

“I have seen Auburn beat Kentucky in basketball. Michael Floyd, a student at Auburn University, told WFSA12 News, “I’ve seen Auburn beat Alabama in football, but I’ve never seen anything like what happened Tuesday night.”

The “Night of Worship” at Unite Auburn was attended by more than 5,000 people. The college ministry’s outreach was made so that the Christian students at the Alabama school could worship together. Pastor Jonathan Pokluda and New York Times best-selling author Jennie Allen spoke at the event, and Passion Music led the praise.

“I had just finished giving a sermon at Auburn and was leaving the stage when a student texted the pastor next to me that they wanted to be baptised tonight. So I went back on stage and asked if anyone else wanted to trust Christ and be baptised,” she said.

“Dozens of people raised their hands,” said Allen.

Since there wasn’t a tub, thousands of people went to a lake at Auburn’s Red Barn to baptise the kids.

Allen said, “They went around the lake, and 6 to 10 of us were in the water baptising hundreds.”

WSFA12 says that Hugh Freeze, the head football coach at Auburn, got in the water to help.

“People gathered around the lake until almost midnight to hear stories of how people’s lives had changed. They shouted, cheered, and prayed together. “God is on the move, and He’s not going to stop,” Allen said.

People who were there say it was a great event.

The priest for the Auburn men’s basketball team, Jeremy Napier, told The Gazette, “I helped plan this event, and then the Lord just took it from there. That’s how we ended up at the Red Barn.” “Nothing about it was planned. I think this was a last-minute choice where we all just said, “Let’s do it.”

Kristen Carr, a student at Auburn and a writer, saw the whole thing. She told WFSA12 News that it was something she had never seen before.

“Never in my whole life,” she said. “I talked to adults who were there, and they told me they’d never seen anything like it.”

Video shows that a big crowd has gathered at the lake’s edge. Every time someone comes out of the water, cheers go up.

“Tonight in Auburn, there is a rebirth. At Red Barn, people are being baptised while hundreds of people cheer them on. “The baptisms began tonight after an event called Unite at Neville Arena,” Carr wrote on the X site, which used to be Twitter.

Napier says that what happened Tuesday night shows that God can do anything.

“The God we serve is amazing and can do amazing things. My prayer is, of course, that all of these choices were real and that hearts were changed. “It’s great to be able to do it here, but now is when things get hard,” said Napier.

He is telling people who just got baptised to join a neighbourhood church. Floyd doesn’t think that will be hard.

“This is just a message about getting along. “And when you are part of the Body of Christ, you are never alone,” he said.

Allen said that this is just the beginning of a bigger plan.

Allen told The Observer, “God is up to something at Auburn.” “This was a part of a bigger story that’s going on here.”

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