Reverend Mrs Clara Alemye Akpami Biography; Vice President 1 [Admin] CTC Academy

Rev Mrs Clara Alemye Akpami is a well known and celebrated woman of God, who has done great impact in the transformation of young female minister’s life, she is not just a Pastor but also known as the Vice President 1 (Admin).

Reverend Mrs and Reverend Dr John Esuga Akpami are happily married and have two beautiful children together, who are also in line of Ministry, they are Pastor Mrs Eunice Benu and Pastor Paul Akpami who are both happily married too.

Reverend and his beloved wife ar both doing the work of God together, making it easier and grow, as they oversee the Global Revival Gospel Ministries Incorporated, with many branches spread within and beyond the nation.

The administrative functions of the Ministry are under her supervision. She teaches Church Administration at the Bible school of the local church. She serves as the chairman of the School Management Board at CTC Academy, located in the state of Zaria, Kaduna. She is responsible for the administration of the Church’s primary, secondary, and nursery institutions.

She serves as the President of Christian Teaching Centre Family Church, Inc.’s Peculiar Women’s Ministry. She oversees the affairs of the ministry’s women in order for them to experience harmonious families, church expansion, and unity by participating in monthly fellowships and annual conferences. The marriage counseling staff at her local church is led by her.

The Unique Ministers’ Wives and Women in Ministry International is an organization that she established. Its headquarters are located in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, and it has branches all across the country. This is an interdenominational body that has helped in the development of many ministers’ wives in addition to their husbands’ ministries.

It has a large membership that comes from a variety of ministries and denominations. The spouses of ministers, who may have married ministers who were not adequately equipped for their responsibilities, are the focus of her love.

The spouses of ministers and other women in ministry are the recipients of the monthly teachings that she organizes. Through the teaching sessions, prayers, fellowship, exposure to the teachings and resources of other female ministers, and annual conferences, her role is to both mentor and be mentored by other female ministers.

Through monthly teachings and mentoring, she is the founder of the Virtuous Eaglets, a forum of single women with the goal of inculcating godly and homely values that would increase the quality of their lives and help them create their future homes. She is the founder of the forum.

Her credentials include a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, an Advance Diploma in Public Administration, and a University Graduate in Business Administration. In addition, she is a Registered Nurse and Midwife who has received full training.

During the course of several years, she worked as a Nurse and Midwife for Benue State Health Services in Makurdi and A.B.U. Teaching Hospital in Zaria, Nigeria. However, she eventually decided to withdraw her services in order to devote her entire time to the Christian Teaching Center Family Church, which is overseen by her husband.

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