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Faith 2- Poetry

That I can move mountains, I believe
Even the greater will I do, I believe
Thy words hath keep me rooted, I can’t be deceived
By Grace have I received

Proclaim thy word
Send me forth to save the world
Through thy saving Grace
Many will be pulled out of disgrace
Qualified for Glory
That will put end to all worry

Proclaim thy word
That I may hold on to that which is sharper than two edged sword
A man for generation
A generation set for libration
A libration that will birth other’s salvation
And many will enjoy justification

Thou hath set us free and we are free indeed
Free from all siege to a seed
Seed that will spring forth
And produce fruit
Fruit fruit, fruit spreading everywhere
No limitation, givers of all

I’ll keep believing
I know I’ll keep receiving
I’ll keep believing

© Hills

Faith 2- Poetry

Faith- Poetry

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