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Dr. Tony Evans ‘Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Pastor’ is Now Engaged To Dr. Carla Crummie

At the age of 74, Dr. Tony Evans, a preacher at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, got engaged for the second time in his life. He got married to his fiancee, Dr. Carla Crummie, at a church service on Sunday. People on the internet want to know who Dr. Tony Evans’s new wife, Dr. Carla Crummie, is and what else is important about their relationship.

Dr. Tony Evans is a well-known Christian preacher and speaker in the United States. He was a regular on radio and TV shows all over the United States. He used to be married to Lois Irene Evans, but she died in 2019.

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans is an author, teacher, and radio host who is known all over the world. He started Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and is now its senior leader. Dr. Evans is also the leader of a ministry called The Urban Alternative, which gives churches and people tools and training.

Dr. Evans went to Dallas Theological Seminary and got a doctorate in theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written more than 100 books, the most popular of which is “The Tony Evans Study Bible.”

In 1996, a radio show director from Houston got in touch with Dr. Evans. This helped him become a well-known radio host and speaker. He also spoke at the National Religious Broadcasters’ annual meeting and became known as a reliable religious broadcaster.

On September 10, 2023, during the church meeting, senior pastor Dr. Tony Evans proposed to his girlfriend, Dr. Carla Crummie. At the ceremony, his four children with his now-deceased ex-wife were there, and they all agreed with their brave father’s choice.

The Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship also posted the film of Dr. Evans introducing his fiancee to the world on YouTube. Everyone was also curious about who his new wife is, what she does, and how he met her.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that Dr. Evans was going to get married again at his age, but he said that his new partner had been through a lot of the same things he had.

“WEEPING MAY LAST FOR A NIGHT, BUT JOY COMES IN THE MORNING,” says Psalm 30:5 KJV. Dr. Evans will be happy with Dr. Rummy for the rest of his life.

Who is Carla Crummie, M.D.?

Dr. Tony Evans’s second wife is Dr. Carla Crummie. She is a Christian therapist, an author, and The Urban Alternative’s Kindness Ambassador. Dr. Crummie is also a life coach who has been trained by John Maxwell and has helped many people over the course of her work.

She is an expert in Christian counselling for couples and families with more than one parent. In 2009, she and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Robert W. Crummie, started counselling at their church. Dr. Crummie is in the news because she is getting married to Dr. Tony Evans, who is the leader of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

We are trying to find out more about Dr. Carla Crummie’s personal and work life. At the moment, we don’t know very much about her. You can come back later to find out what’s been added.

How Did Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Carla Crummie Meet?

On September 10, 1949, Dr. Tony Evans was born. When he was 18, he met his first wife, Lois Irene Cannings. At that time, he was a member of the group. They got married in 1968, and in 2017 they celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.

They had four kids together. Their names were Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr., and Jonathan Evans. Lois Irene Evans, who was married to Dr. Evans, died in December 2019 from gallbladder cancer. Before she died, she fought bravely against the disease.

In the same way, Dr. Robert W. Crummie was married to Dr. Carla Crummie, who is now Dr. Evans’ new wife. Together, they worked at a church to help other couples and blended children. Dr. Robert Crummie died in January 2020, so Dr. Carla is now on her own.

Dr. Evans and Dr. Carla met after each of them lost their partners. They worked together to help other people, which brought them closer together. On September 10, 2023, they finally got engaged.

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