Parents test positive for alcohol, drugs after toddler was found dead in hot car

Parents test positive for alcohol, drugs after toddler was found dead in hot car

A tender 18-month-old soul has sadly departed from this world, while her parents find themselves confined within the cold embrace of prison walls. The somber tale unfolds as deputies reveal that the parents, under the influence of intoxicating elixirs and indulging in forbidden substances during a vibrant Fourth of July gathering, regrettably neglected their precious child within the scorching confines of a vehicle for an extended period of time.

In a tale spun by the esteemed Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, we find ourselves immersed in the adventures of Joel Rondon, a daring soul of 33 years, and his equally audacious wife, Jazmine, also 33. Together, they embarked on a grand expedition to a magnificent gathering, accompanied by their valiant brood of three: a sprightly 6-year-old, a spirited 8-year-old, and a cherubic 18-month-old.

Under the watchful gaze of Sheriff Judd, the spirited revelers bid farewell to the vibrant downtown Lakeland soirée as the clock struck 2 in the morning, marking the dawn of July 5. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the neighborhood, Jazmine Rondon ushered the two young adventurers into the cozy embrace of their humble abode. With a twinkle in her eye, she promised to conjure a delectable feast for their rumbling tummies before tucking them into the realm of dreams.

In a twist of events, Sheriff Judd reveals that Jazmine Rondon, with a mischievous glint in her eye, cunningly persuaded her husband to escort the adorable little bundle of joy into the cozy confines of their humble abode.

In the enchanting realm of Sheriff Judd’s account, we find ourselves immersed in a captivating scene. Joel Rondon, a noble soul, gracefully carried trays of delectable sustenance into his humble abode. Meanwhile, his beloved wife, a paragon of nurturing love, tenderly fed their two cherubic offspring, aged 6 and 8, before gently guiding them to the realm of dreams. Finally, as the moon cast its ethereal glow upon the land, Joel’s wife, weary yet content, retired to her own slumber.

In the midst of his culinary duties, Joel Rondon embarked on a gastronomic adventure as he transported trays of delectable sustenance into the abode. However, amidst this culinary escapade, the astute investigator within him detected a peculiar sight – the right rear door stood ajar. With utmost diligence, he completed his task of ferrying the culinary treasures indoors. Yet, as he turned his gaze towards the vehicle once more, a remarkable transformation had occurred – the door, once ajar, now stood resolutely closed. In a moment of profound deduction, Joel concluded that his beloved spouse had indeed whisked away the precious toddler from the vehicle’s embrace.

Under the watchful gaze of the PCSO, the enigmatic Joel Rondon gracefully surrendered to the embrace of his bed at the bewitching hour of 3 a.m. According to the deputies, the sun gently caressed his face as he stirred from his slumber at the stroke of 10 in the morning. With a yawn that echoed through the room, he rose from his cozy cocoon and embarked on the ritual of preparing himself for the day’s endeavors. As the clock struck 11 a.m., Sheriff Judd, with an air of determination, posed a question to the wise 8-year-old: the whereabouts of the precious 18-month-old girl. Alas, the innocent child, with a touch of innocence in their voice, replied with a gentle shake of their head, claiming ignorance of the little one’s mysterious disappearance.

In a world filled with wonder and mystery, the 8-year-old and Joel Rondon embarked on a quest to locate the elusive child. With hearts pounding and eyes scanning the surroundings, they delved into a captivating game of hide-and-seek, where the young girl seemed to have vanished into thin air. Alas, despite their valiant efforts, the child remained a master of concealment, leaving the duo in awe of her cunning abilities.

“In a dramatic turn of events, our valiant protagonist approaches the vehicle, only to discover a precious bundle of joy nestled snugly in the child carrier. The scorching heat of the day, with a heat index soaring to a staggering 105 degrees, adds an extra layer of urgency to this heart-pounding scene,” Sheriff Judd exclaimed.

As the deputies recounted the incident, Joel Rondon, fueled by a surge of adrenaline, swiftly scooped up the precious cargo nestled in the child carrier and dashed into the building, his voice echoing with a mix of urgency and exhilaration. In a stunning revelation, Sheriff Judd has shared that Jazmine, with an air of confidence and a touch of medical expertise, informed the authorities that she possessed the knowledge to discern the unfortunate fate of the baby.

In a whirlwind of disbelief, they swiftly transported the little one to the esteemed Lakeland Regional Medical Center, clinging onto a glimmer of hope amidst the shadows of despair.

“In the midst of an excruciatingly apparent tragedy, where the child’s demise was nothing short of a harrowing ordeal, Lakeland Regional valiantly endeavored to resuscitate the precious life, only to discover, alas, that it had already departed this mortal realm,” Sheriff Judd eloquently elucidated.

In a valiant effort to defy the clutches of fate, the medical heroes embarked on a courageous mission to breathe life back into her fragile being. Alas, despite their unwavering determination and tireless endeavors, the cruel hands of destiny had already claimed her as their own.

In a display of unwavering determination, Sheriff Judd orchestrates a pivotal moment of truth for the enigmatic Rondons. With a calculated finesse, he unveils a test that holds the power to unravel the mysteries concealed within their very beings – a test that shall expose the presence, or absence, of ethereal spirits or mind-altering elixirs coursing through their veins.

In a twist of events, Sheriff Judd revealed that a staggering 17 hours after their unforgettable party escapade, Jazmine Rondon’s test results unveiled a surprising combination of alcohol and marijuana in her system. As if that weren’t enough, her partner-in-crime, Joel Rondon, took things to a whole new level by testing positive for a trifecta of substances: alcohol, marijuana, and the notorious methamphetamine. It seems their wild night left a lasting impression, leaving everyone in awe of their adventurous spirit. Sheriff Judd, the valiant guardian of justice, reveals that the miscreants have unabashedly confessed to indulging in the forbidden elixir of alcohol and partaking in the hazy embrace of marijuana.

“Their appearance upon returning from the extravagant soirée was nothing short of a spectacle, as they inadvertently left this precious child securely fastened in the cozy confines of the rear car seat,” Sheriff Judd eloquently expressed. Behold, this tiny human has graced our world for a grand total of 18 lunar cycles. In the realm of independence, she finds herself confined by the unyielding grasp of the harness, a symbol of her youthful limitations. Yet, within the depths of her consciousness, she awakens to the cruel reality that her existence is being subjected to an agonizing demise, all due to the heedlessness of Joel and Jazmine.

Sheriff Judd, the esteemed purveyor of truth and justice, has uncovered a fascinating tidbit about the enigmatic Joel Rondon. It appears that this individual, shrouded in a veil of mystery, possesses a rather colorful past in the realm of criminal activities. In the tumultuous chapters of his youth, the hands of justice reached out to embrace him not once, but twice, when he was but a tender 15 and blossoming 18 years of age. In a stunning revelation, Sheriff Judd himself has come forward with an astonishing claim – he was, in fact, a documented gang member during that tumultuous period. In a stunning revelation, Sheriff Judd eloquently expressed that Joel Rondon finds himself entangled in the intricate web of justice, with additional charges looming over him like dark storm clouds. The charges in question involve the illicit substance known as methamphetamine, a name that sends shivers down the spine of law-abiding citizens, and a concealed firearm, a clandestine companion that whispers secrets of danger. As per the esteemed PCSO, the legendary Joel Rondon has been known to engage in the daring act of resisting arrest, adding an extra layer of excitement to his already captivating tale.


In a surprising twist of events, Sheriff Judd finds himself entangled in a web of legal complexities. The formidable charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, a first-degree felony, has been brought against him, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his once unassailable reputation.

Behold, for Jazmine Rondon finds herself entangled in the clutches of justice, facing the grave accusation of aggravated manslaughter of a precious child.

As the deputies embarked on their investigation, the clock struck 2:30 p.m., unveiling a scene of utmost urgency. The baby, having endured the sweltering confines of the car for three agonizing hours, was discovered with a core temperature that soared to a scorching 104 degrees. Despite the valiant efforts of the hospital to alleviate the baby’s distress, the battle against the relentless heat proved to be an arduous one.

As per the mystical PCSO, the nocturnal temperatures danced gracefully in the realm of the high 70s, only to ascend into the majestic 90s as the sun reached its zenith. According to the astute investigators, the ill-fated automobile was found basking in the open air, devoid of the comforting embrace of a garage or the sheltering canopy of any shade.

“This tears at the very fabric of your soul,” declared Sheriff Judd, his voice carrying the weight of a thousand sorrows. There exists no alternative path to elucidate this enigma…From the bewitching hour of 3 a.m., a young sprite found herself ensnared in a mystical tether, unable to break free from its enchanting grasp. She remained captive, her spirit bound, until the moment she was finally unveiled and set free from this ethereal entanglement.

According to the esteemed Sheriff Judd, the precious little one was, by all accounts, flourishing in good health.

Oh, how fortuitous it is that this occurrence was not a mere happenstance. Behold, for this grievous act of negligence is but a tragic symphony orchestrated by the malevolent dance of drug abuse. Alas, I beseech thee, ponder upon the heart of this negligence, for it conceals the answer to the question: Who hath succumbed to the eternal slumber? Behold, Sheriff Judd proclaimed the arrival of a tiny, 18-month-old cherub, whose mere presence captivated all who beheld.


In a somber revelation, Sheriff Judd shares that the parents are engulfed in an overwhelming wave of remorse, their hearts heavy with the weight of their child’s untimely passing.

I believe the true pang of regret will strike them tonight, as they find themselves confined within the walls of the county jail, basking in the comfort of air conditioning. In solitude, they may ponder upon the pleasant coolness surrounding them, only to be haunted by the heartbreaking realization that their precious child met a tragic fate due to their own negligence and substance abuse. “Rest assured, my dear citizens, that they shall not escape the clutches of justice,” Sheriff Judd declared with unwavering resolve.

According to the esteemed Sheriff Judd, the Rondon family’s other little ones have sought refuge in the loving embrace of their dear relatives.

As the sun sets on yet another day, the enigmatic Department of Children and Families finds itself embarking on a quest for truth and justice. With the PCSO investigation unfolding like a captivating mystery, their diligent efforts are now intertwined with the tapestry of this unfolding tale.

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