Rev. Bukola David Olanrewaju; Founder of Testimony Chapel International- Biography

The Rev. Bukola David Olanrewaju is the founder and general director of Testimony Chapel International in Onike, Yaba, Lagos. He used to be a Mechanical Engineer, but now he works full time for God and God’s work.

Pastor Bukola loves and believes deeply in God’s word, which is why people call him “Walking Bible.” By the grace of God, he has shared the good news of Jesus Christ both inside and outside of the country. He is a man who strives for excellence, who has many skills, and who has written more than 34 books.

Early Life

Engr. Olanrewaju Aliu Ajayi and Christiana Otitida Olanrewaju were his parents. He was born on July 4, 1969, in Ibadan, Oyo State. Even though he had been raised as a Muslim, when he heard the message, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and became a Christian.

Because he was from a Muslim family and his father was a Muslim preacher, he was persecuted for making this choice. Because he was so sure about his new faith in Jesus, he was kicked out of the family home. This was good for his faith, though. Instead of going back, he became even more devoted and passionate about God.

Bukola David Olanrewaju got his Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the well-known Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, where he studied from 1989 to 1996. While he was in college, he was the assistant prayer organiser for the Yaba College of Technology chapter of the Christian Union campus fellowship.

He went to a Word of Faith Bible Institute August Special 1996 Bible Training for one month to improve his spiritual knowledge. After his NYSC service year, he heard God calling him to serve him full time.

He had never done anything like this before, so he applied for a Bible training course (Word Of Faith Bible Institute WOFBI) for another year in Kaduna in Living Faith Church Worldwide under the leadership of Bishop David.O. Oyedepo and David.O. Abioye. (1998-1999).

Between 1997 and 1998, Bukola David worked as a Project Engineer at an oil service company called Soadek Nigeria Limited. He later got a job at Mobil Plc, where he had worked before. He didn’t take the offer because when he got home that night, he met someone.

He heard God tell him to go to Kaduna to learn about the Bible, and he had to go. As a sign that he was fully listening to what God said, he went to Kaduna for the training. There, he worked full time for a year and was kept alive by God.

In 1996–1997, he did his one-year NYSC service in Akwa Ibom. During the service year, he became the Prayer Secretary for the NCCF in the state of Akwa-Ibom. At the same time, he was also the President of the Charity Club. Before he left Akwa-Ibom, he met his future wife, sis Mercy, who was also a corps member. They got married on March 20, 1999, and have been serving God together ever since.

After his service year, he joined Living Spring Chapel International to serve under Pastor Femi Emmanuel from 2000 to 2002. He told the set man that God had given him a vision to start his own work, and the head of the ministry let him do that.

Bukola is a name. David has a deep love for God’s word, which comes through in the way he teaches. He is a man of the Bible, and people often call him a living Bible. He is a well-known speaker of God’s Word both inside and outside of the country. A wise man who loves God and people and always has a smile on his face.

He is a man who strives for excellence, has many skills, and writes a lot. His writing skill is shown by the fact that he has written more than 34 books, including devotionals, which are his humble gift to the church. Spending time with Pastor Bukola is never boring. His laughter is so contagious that you will always learn something, laugh, and feel refreshed.

Pastor Bukola David is married to Pastor Mrs. Mercy Chinyere Olanrewaju, and they have five wonderful children. He started Testimony Chapel International with 9 adults and 8 kids (teenagers and kids) in April 2002.

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