Pastor Chris Delvan Gwamna Biography; Founder of Chris Delvan Gwamna Ministries International

Pastor Chris Delvan Gwemna is the brain behind Chris Delvan Gwemna Ministries International, whose mandate in ministry is to reach the world in line with the Father’s instruction to make disciples of all nations until the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. He is well celebrated

Pastor Chris is not just a Pastor but also in the gospel music line, as he is a good song writer and singer, who was born on the 12th of December 1960 in Kagoro, Kaduna State.

Life Journey

Pastor Chris is an alumni of Ahmadu Bello University, where he studied history and political science in the 1980s. Afterwards, he met his beautiful wife Pastor Annie Gwemna, and they’ve been happily married for over thirty years, Joel and Salamatu are their wonderful children.

Pastor Chris Delvan was born and raised in the north, which his ministry is also spreading like wide fire in the North. The Arewa Christian Initiatives, The Freshlife Assembly, The House of Jeduthun, Methahost Partnerships, The New Life Pastoral Care Center, and Koinonia Cultural Development Center are just a few of the various branches that make up the Chris Delvan Gwemna Ministries.

The New Life Pastoral Care Centre, led by Pastor Chris Delvan, is an educational center dedicated to nurturing, discipleship, redefinition, and revival. The center’s goal is to serve as an ideal local assembly. He launched the Arewa Christian Initiative for the North. It’s a teaching, building, and ongoing ministry called Northern Christian Initiative.

Pastor Chris Delvan is a man whose passion is serving God and reaching out to help people, especially the younger generation. The Institute of Monitoring and Career Coaching Nigeria, or IMCCN, has acknowledged and bestowed upon the Pastor this real fact. Pastor Chris Delvan was given a fellowship award and a monitoring symbol by the IMCCN in recognition of his extraordinary ability to provide others a meaningful existence and his selfless dedication to humanity.

Upon accepting the prize, Pastor Chris Delvan spoke a few poignant words that reveal his true feelings: “I have a strong interest in people because I have failed many times and I have made it my life’s work to ensure that those who come after me do not fail.” This honor is a challenge to rise higher and be the salt and light of the world in whatever I do, which I do casually but seriously and with the greatest influence. It is evident from these remarks that Pastor Chris Delvan has a strong commitment to serving others and living a life that will bless many to the glory of God.

There are numerous witnesses to the incredibly powerful and inspirational life and work of Pastor Chris Delvan. His wife, Pastor Annie Gwemna, characterized him as a dedicated, selfless, and selfless man of God who would stop at nothing to make sure that as many broken lives as the Lord brings his way are rebuilt and given direction for their lives at the Institute of Mentoring and Career Coaching Nigeria, IMCCN, Award Ceremony.

Architect Gregory Icha, the president of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce and a close friend of Pastor Chris, also remarked during the event that Pastor Chris Delvan is a very modest man who genuinely exemplifies mentoring. Pastor Chris Delvan was carefully chosen as the recipient of the award, according to IMCCN Director General Rotimi Matthew, because of his meritorious achievements that have shaped the lives of many individuals outside of his immediate ministry.

Additionally, he noted how many people Pastor Chris’ ministry has mentored and impacted—many of whom the pastor himself has never even met. Pastor Chris Delvan is widely recognized as the spiritual mentor of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku, who worked under him for several years prior to starting The God Life Assembly International. Only God truly knows the breadth of Pastor Chris Delvan’s influence and the impact he has had on many lives.

Additionally fruitful has been Pastor Chris Delvan’s songwriting and singing ministry. He has put out several albums, including Sontalk, To the Ends of the Earth, In the Days of His Power, and Newnation. In addition, he has published singles, such as the well-known “You Are The Holy Ghost,” which has been a huge blessing to both individuals and the body of Christ.

Pastor Chris Delvan is well-known for his unusual style of singing and for his psalms and songs that resemble prophetic chants. He is proficient on the guitar and performs other musical instruments as well. He has shared his ministry with a variety of Christian leaders and in a variety of Christian events and programs, such as the Interdenominational Praise and Worship in Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos. Additionally, he served as a guest minister at the Men of Issachar Vision Conference in Ibadan, which was also attended by Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo, the vice president at the time. His ministry has carried him throughout Nigeria and the world, sharing God’s word through songs.

Pastor Chris Delvan has actively supported God’s agenda in Nigeria and throughout the world, contributing to the growth of God’s kingdom. He assisted in the 2003 successful completion of the Bible League of the United States of America’s translation of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible into Hausa. He was named by YNaija in 2018 as one of the 100 most important figures in Nigerian Christian ministry, alongside a long list of other notables like Paul Eneche, Mike Bamiloye, and Joshua Selman.

In recognition of his outstanding work in giving people’s life purpose, the Institute of Monitoring Career Coaching. Nigeria, or MCCN, bestowed upon him an award in 2017. It is true that a great deal has been and continues to be touched by the life and ministry of Pastor Chris Delvan.


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