#My Journal

My Safe Spot – Poem

My world dwells in thy word
How long will I survive the enemies sword
If yours is not sharper than two edged sword
Would I have wandered around in darkness?

If thy life hath not given me light
Even at death the battles were won
Power did change hands
I saw death bow his face in shame

“Oh! No! Why lay a hand on life
You only gave him more reason to spread wide
Even before the end, I do possess many
But her! She’s a touch not…”

I know I know,
Thy mark do I bear like the silver lining in the sky
My gaze are fixed on high

Oh! My helper
Take not thy spirit, never
I know when he leaves
Emptiness creaps in

And make it dwelling place of rest
But, Sir, never do I want to be a vessel
That I might be that light
Take not thy spirit.

For there’s is no direction for a lost soul
Wandering wandering without a dwelling place
Dear Sir, take not thy spirit Let the seal not be broken

That the mark may remain
I promise to abide.
Only you understands it, dear interpreter

My father, my father
Let’s laughh longer

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