Randy Clark; Healing Minister and Author

Randy Clark; Healing Minister and Author

Randy Clark is a well-known foreign speaker who graduated from United Theological Seminary (Methodist) in 2013 with a D.Min. and in 2019 with a D.D. From Phoenix University of Theology (Charismatic), he got a Th.D. in Revival and Healing.

He also has a Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Oakland City University (General Baptist). John Wimber had a big impact on him during the few years he was on the Council for the Association of Vineyard Churches. Omar Cabrera, a famous Argentine apostolic leader with a strong healing gift, also had an effect on his healing work. God used him to start the revival that started in Toronto, Canada, in January 1994 and went on for over twelve years, six nights a week. He has preached in 55 countries and in front of crowds of 180,000 people. In 1970, when he was 18, he became a minister.

Randy is best known for his ability to use the Holy Spirit to activate and pass on skills of the Holy Spirit. John Wimber, who has since passed away, was the first person to notice this kindness in Randy’s life. John heard God tell him twice in a clear voice that Randy would one day travel the world putting hands on pastors and leaders to give them gifts of the Spirit and make them work.

Randy also keeps working hard to show that the Lord has the power to heal the sick. He has been used by God to launch several famous ministers (Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland, Todd White, Chris Gore, Marcelo Cassagrande, and many more) into the next level of their anointing by laying hands on them and prophesying to them. However, the focus of his ministry is on the average person in the congregation, encouraging them that they can also be used by God in the gifts of the Spirit, especially words of knowledge and healing. His message is easy to understand: “God wants to use you.”

He wrote “There Is More” and a lot of other books, guides, booklets, and other things. He wrote the books “The Essential Guide to Healing” and “Healing Unplugged” with Bill Johnson. He wrote the book The Handbook on Spiritual Gifts with Dr. Mary Healy, a Roman Catholic Bible expert. In 2017, his book The Healing Breakthrough got the Christian Retailing Best Award in the Charismatic category, and his book “There Is More” is now being used as a textbook at the United Theological Seminary, which is a United Methodist Seminary. His new book, Intimacy With God, will come out on August 2, 2021. He’s written more than 40 books.

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