Pastor Sola Osunmakinde Biography; Lead Pastor of Household of David Church HOD

Pastor Sola Osunmakinde is a well respected man of God, a father of nation and the visionary of Household of David Church HOD. Whose ministry has indeed spread wide in blessing each indidvidual.

Pastor Sola Osunmakinde always celebrates his birthdays on January 15th, and his family are known to be seperated by God to pastor his people. He is the younger brother to Pastor Dele Osunmakinde while their eldest brother is Pastor Wale Osunmakinde.

He is an alumni of University of Ibadan, since 2005

Pastor Sola Osunmakinde and Pastor Mrs. Abigail Osunmakinde tied the knot on November 8th, 2008. Pastor Mrs Abigail Osunmakinde is the Head of Ministries, Fellowship Ministry at the Household of David Church.

Numerous spiritual leaders, including Apostle Joshua Selman, are intimate companions of Pastor Sola. He invites men of God from all over the world to participate in the annual Household of David Conference, which he hosts to bless God’s people.

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