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The Name of Jesus- Poetry

There is a name that only one is called by it
Yet works effectively for all in it
There’s a name crafted from the heart of the Father
That grant license to others
A name that birthed Grace
That all disgrace is evicted by order.

Let’s travel to two thousand years ago
Where a virgin was needed to carry a man of no ego
Even from birth no sin was found in him
Indeed a name that is a strong towel
Unknowingly Mary ran into it and was saved by Favour at that hour
Holiness was her qualification
To carry a man of total dedication.

A name referred to as Word Of Life to the Apostles by the Angels
Whose title gave many mantle that saved them from battles

In His existence many started living
And in his death many started hoping
While in his resurrection many got an identity from being a nonentity.

Wait a minute,
Who do you say he is?
I say He is Jesus Christ
The son of the living God
In whom generations received the name unto liberation.

The Name Jesus

The name of the first begotten of the Father even Mary
He is the first that I may be made first among all
There’s no deniance in the name
But access to many that believe in the potency of the name.

Even Emmanuel could not quantify His personality
That it was changed to Jesus to reveal his real identity
Because he is not just God with us
But we are in him unto salvation
He is in us and works through us.

Jesus the portal of Grace
Through understanding it is multiplied
The Name Jesus Works Effectively

Who Is God To You?

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