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Place Where Lovers Meet -Poetry

There’s a place where lovers meet
The secret place for lovers seat
That only them are qualified to sit in heavenly places
And are powered to build their visions
Those that are raised to sit with their bridegroom
Partakers of all heavenly spiritual blessing to boom
With boldness they approach the throne of Grace
They always obtain mercy and find Grace from been disgrace

There’s a place where lovers meet
Those that abide under the shadow of the almighty
Lovers as the five wise virgins
Always ready for the coming of their bridegroom
Lovers that keep beholding the Lord
Lovers that are daily transformed into the image of The Beloved
From Glory to Glory, they live as shinning light
Lights that cannot be overshadowed nor hidden from Sight

There’s a place where lovers meet
A place of instructions and construction
Leading and guidance
Lovers that are followed by goodness and mercy
Signs and wonders
Lovers that are believers
Lovers that are witness of Christ
Lovers that are seekers
Lovers that are Vision Builders
Lovers of the secret place

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